About Me

I couldn't remember very well when I started blogging but it started with Xanga and then I joined blogger a few years after that. During those younger years of blogging which was when I was still in high school, it was mostly rantings and complaints. As I grew older, there were still rants and I also wanted to share my life experiences. I'm not saying I'm a grand person and that people should take note of my experiences, I just wanted to share.

With the sharing I'm not asking for anything in return but I hope that whatever that I've written would have somehow inspired someone, gave people different point of views and also a window to understand me. Blogging is also a way for myself to improve on my writing and also acting as a diary for my experiences. Although I'm not a frequent blogger but I try my very best and sometimes I contemplate whether to share certain experience here on the internet thus resulting in less posts. To summarize, I put quite some feelings into blogging and also try to be useful to the world with my posts. Now onto the statistics of myself:

Name : Lizzie Hiu
Born : In a country located in South East Asia
Age : As of 2013, in my late twenties
Race : Is that important?
Gender : My name does state I'm a female
Dreams : I do have many but one I'm willing to share is to be a writer with a published book someday.
Hobby/addiction : Reading books  (that's why I have many book reviews in my blog) and playing games

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