Saturday, October 31, 2020

Crashing The A-List


After four months of unemployment, former book editor Clara Montgomery is still stuck sleeping on her little brother’s ugly couch in Queens. Determined to keep her minuscule savings account intact, she takes a job clearing out abandoned storage units, but is in no way prepared for stumbling upon dead snakes or trying to identify exactly where the perpetual stench of beets is emanating from.

When Clara comes across a unit that was once owned by an escort service, she finds the brothel “résumé” of a younger Caspian Tiddleswich… an astonishingly famous British actor. Her best friend thinks she should sell the gossip to a tabloid to fund her way off the couch from hell, but Clara instead manages to track down Caspian’s contact info, intending to reassure him that her lips are sealed.

Unfortunately, Caspian misinterprets Clara’s attempt at altruism and shows up on her doorstep, accusing her of blackmail. When the paparazzi capture a photo of them together, Caspian’s PR team sees an opportunity to promote his latest film—and if Clara wants to atone for her “crimes,” she’ll have to play along. Pretending to be Caspian’s girlfriend seems like it will be a tolerable, if somewhat daunting, penance… until their fake romance becomes something more than either of them expected. - excerpt from Goodreads

Crashing the A-List from Summer Heacock is a fun and quirky rom-com book. It has really strong and lovable characters and a whole lot of banter. Clara is a sassy women who is sure of herself but caught in a rough situation, you'll see her confidence slowly dropping. Even though hard times are ahead, she has demonstrated much of her strengths and definitely boosted my motivation and outlook in life.  How her best friend compliments and encourages her is also a plus point in the book. Many a times, the dynamics of the duo will spark a lot of fun times, these ladies are lucky to have each other.  

Humour is not only restricted by incidents, many laugh out loud moments if definitely through interactions of Clara and Caspian. Swoon worthy moments are always when Caspian says something unexpected or does something unexpected. I would have loved to read his perspective but we only got Clara's side which is sufficient because ultimately this book is about her growth through circumstances. Caspian is probably just a side character to give her a nudge.

The plots, the sweet moments, funny times are all unpredictable, I greatly enjoyed it. There are definitely no flaws or gaps when it comes to the timeline of the story, I would say it runs smoothly with a good pace. You would not find yourself bored and wanting something to happen, the author manages to keep your attention or give you a jolt entertainment here and there occasionally. While you are immense in Clara's bad luck, the author catches you by surprise. Although this wasn't the best rom-com novel I've read, the idea is something fresh. I have given it a 4 out of 5 stars in goodreads for the great entertainment and laughter.

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