Saturday, March 21, 2020

Meet Cute

Kailyn Flowers was always calm and controlled - until she ended up sprawled all over Daxton Hughes, the former actor she totally crushed on as a teenager. In seconds, she became a mortifying fangirl and oddly enough, he didn't run away. Instead, their meet cute led to something she never expected: a friendship. Of course, she never expected him to betray her, either.

Eight years later, Dax needs Kailyn's help. Years of anger towards him haven't exactly left Kailyn inclined to oblige, but she also isn't heartless enough to turn him down. She vows to be friendly, but soon their 'friendly' meetings turn into flirty dinner dates, and Kailyn can feel their chemistry is as explosive as ever. But how can she possibly let down her guard again to a guy who has heartbreak written all over him?
  - excerpt from Goodreads.

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting is the type of story that can easily turn into a k-drama or a rom-com movie. It's funny, cute and definitely pulls a little at your heart strings. The first thing that caught my attention to purchase this book is without a doubt the cover design but few pages in, it's their personalities that attracted me. The characters starts of being vague without any backstory at first and it slowly unfolds for you to discover who they are. They have really strong personalities yet still have room to grow.  The chemistry between the lead male and female has a lot of tension, push and pull that is very entertaining to read about. The side characters itself gives a good push for them and you can tell that they influence them greatly. I love the banter between Kailyn and Daxton, it is often hilarious and you cannot stop rooting for something to happen between them. It's the type of tension where you'll go please kiss each other already!!! Every interaction between them is the highlight of the book, the parts that keeps turning the pages. When they are on their own thoughts, it can often be graphic and funny.

The POV differs between Kailyn and Daxton which gives a fantastic grasp for readers on both sides of the stories, their feelings and reactions. All chapters have a title and this is always a plus point for me to know that the author put into thoughts how she wants her chapters to have a direction. With plot twist after plot twist, this book moves forward with good and bad events happening. Although some of it were predictable but nonetheless it was quite entertaining like a TV drama. How the characters reacted after each incidents are key points in giving this book another star. 

Overall this book was short read as it griped your emotions and turns your pages quickly to an end. I have not enjoyed a rom-com book like this for quite some time as I have not come across many in 2019. Even though I've read the book last year, the emotions of the book certainly left a mark in my heart. This book is definitely an adult romance with the graphic sex scenes which is definitely not a dominating factor to read this, but a plus point to give the readers a little bit of fun in the character's relationship. Sometimes we shouldn't underestimate books that include those aspect asit could be a turn off to some readers but this book does make you question your life such as family obligations, career choices and parents' expectations. I highly recommend this if you enjoy to imagine a little bit of sex, much banter and moments that prick at your heart. My first book from this author has definitely encouraged me to look into other titles of hers.

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