Friday, April 20, 2018

A Country Escape

A Country Escape by Katie Fforde (courtesy of Pansing Malaysia)

Even though I read chick lit but sadly I limit myself to only a few of authors such as Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot, Cecilia Ahern and a little more. This author was my first attempt and when I looked at the ratings on Goodreads I was surprised. I went in without expectations and greatly enjoyed this book. It was a good page turner at certain chapters and it will calm down the pace a bit. I find this a very good slice of life story as the characters make the story move forward.

Our main female character quit her job in the city and move into a farm to run it. Little did she know with the little experience, what type of obstacles she would meet. Fortunately for her she has supportive people to help her out, build her character and  also be a part of the reason for the plot to carry on. The male character was a good surprise with his mysterious attitude and agendas, throughout the book I could not figure him out at all. The heroine is one special lady, I totally love her personality and always enjoyed her interactions with the male character. 

The story is told from Fran's point of view and it's a good tone of voice. The stories of how she overcome her obstacles unfolds at a good pace and then suddenly a plot twist happens. This plot twist was a good one as you will not see it coming and you can't predict what the result of it would be. You will be cheering Fran on and wishing something would happen between her and Anthony. You'll get frustrated whenever she's frustrated. I'm amazed that a simple story like this could capture my attention so well and influence my emotions. Overall, this is one good slice of life book with a simple yet important message about life. I do recommend this book to those who maybe, sorta got bored with writers that are over-hyped and way too famous. 

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