Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hero At The Fall

Firstly thank you so much to Times reads for sending me this copy.

This book took some time to as I was trying to complete the second book first. Continuing where the  second book left us, we jump right into action giving you much excitement but then it just goes on and on with the same pattern, exciting then long winded then back to exciting moments and etc. With this pattern I often get bored and would try to speed read where I end up skipping descriptions that were just not needed in my opinion. 

I would say that the introduction of a few characters were good but the main cast was just too scattered and with not much growth. As for our main heroine, the point of view was hers hence the readers get a full force of her actions and thoughts. Many a times I would not agree with her, shaking my head from left to right. Maybe I was too harsh or too strict of her because I wanted more from her. Although she had many conflicts and decisions to make, it did not make the situation any better for us readers because you could also see her thoughts running in circles before she truly grows as a person. As for the side characters, there was one who caught me by surprise because he did not act the way he was introduced in the second book. He definitely had the most growth in the book and his conversations were so entertaining to read. I would often be on my toes when it came to the characters that I liked but then sometimes it will just disappoint me.

This book was written a tad too long as there were many parts that I felt were draggy and some parts that needed more actions. It felt like you're reading a timeline that is quite long but in the end it's just a short span of time. Time is not clearly written hence I get lost at recalling how long the charactes were travelling in the desert. Comparing the plots to roller coasters ride that don't have loops is how I'll put it. It just goes up and down continously. I would applaud that nothing was predictable in the plots, which salvage my attention and patience in completing the book.

Overall it ended well and satisfying for me but I was not truly amazed. For a desert theme fantasy book, I think there could be more places of improvements. I am quite critique as I've been spoilt by many good fantasy writers that drives story with just strong personalities, or characters with very unique backgrounds. The characters in this book was not built to leave any memorable moments. I can tell you that even if I can't recall a book from start to end, the unique plotlines or characters are the ones that stick with me. I would recommend if you're not a picky reader on fantasy but for me I think I'll stay off arabian nights/desert themed fantasies for now.
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