Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Sun is also a Star

Being an immigrant is hard, what's more to say when one is born in a country that people still sees you in colour instead of your nationality. No matter how much you love your country, sometimes the people in it can put your spirits down. 

The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon tackles that issue, an illegal immigrant, an Asian born into a western country how different it is for the both of them and what happens when they meet. This is my first attempt of this author as her debut book was greatly raved about and also the movie was just released not too long ago. An author who so quickly have a movie based on her debut book is surely one good writer or so I expected. I have to say after reading quite numerous amounts of contemporary in the young adult category I was not amazed or captured by this book. In my honest opinion the spark just isn't there for me but I appreciated the messages that was highlighted. 

Bringing forward the issues of migration, it is tough when parents make the decision to move their children from their home country to somewhere new and then when there's so much to offer, moving them back again. The female characters feels that she will be isolated going back as she no longer understand the culture of her home country yet not accepted in America where she's loving currently. There is much to lose for her and while trying to sort her problems she met the male lead. He is lost as whether to live up to his parent's expectation or to live his own dreams. Being the Asian in America, his parents gave up much to move and all they want is to see their children succeed.

We all know sometimes it doesn't end well as Daniel is struggling to make a choice. When he first met Natasha, she caught his attention and soon he is pursuing something that is out of the norm for him. Their relationship is a fast pace one and I think it developed in a quite reasonable way, I appreciated that it wasn't some insta-love that I'm reading even though everything happened in the time span of a day. Both characters are unique and realistic when it comes to the circumstances that they grew up in. I enjoyed reading about their past and their interactions with their family. I guess that is the part which impressed me.

The other thing unique about this book is apart from having the POV of the main characters, other characters who cross their path have a small story of their own to tell. I enjoy how the characters interact with each other, how their fates intertwined and affect each other. This is the unique part of the book.

The flow and pace of the book is good, everything happens at great timing. I did not think that the twist and turns were shocking at all, just mediocre and predictable. Overall I like that in a span of one day these things could happen but then again this is fiction. I did not fell in love with this book hence I felt that if I missed out on this book, it would not make a difference in my book reading journey. I probably have to read her debut book to have a better judgement of her writing. This was just an okay book for me, I would not recommend if you are a reader who wants more emotions.

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