Monday, June 27, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday - Favourite Post

Time for some self-promote?? I find this topic fun because I went through all the post titles that I've written, pick ones that are the most memorable to me, read through it and decide whether to put it here. So here are some numbers, I have published a total of 369 times and it seems like a really small number because life gets in the way. Looking back at how long I've started this blog which was since 2006, that amount is too little. So for about 10 years I have to pick my top 5 from 369 posts. Here are my choices without any order, do click on the title as it's a link.

This was a really fun post to write because I got to share pictures of my trip to Singapore. And now that I'm reading back, it brings wonderful  memories for my visit there.

Another post that sort of mentions some highlights of my life. After reading this post, I feel motivated to continue in pursuing my dreams. Honestly, I'm not there yet, I'm not even close but I've not given up at all. I still have the same dreams and I'm working on reaching there. 

This book review was my first time reading a book by Julia Quinn in the genre of historical romance. Ever since then I've fallen in love with her writing. This book is one of my favourites from all her books. I like how I used to summarize the book and then gave a bit of opinion on it. I have since then changed my book review style.

Go read it because you'll get to know me better. Need I say more why I picked this post??

Discovering a magical book and sharing it in review is one of my biggest joy. This book is my all time favourite and to know why just read the review. I've recently introduced this book to a friend of mine and I'm waiting for him to start so we can read it together. I hope readers will be able to enjoy this book as much as I did.

I hope you'll take a look at those post that I've shared and do please comment about it here. Share some posts that you really really love with me too. Have a great week!


  1. I had no idea your blog is 10 years old! That's quite remarkable, dearie!! I'm on year one. Ha ha ha. Some days it feels like I'd like to throw in the towels and call it quits. You've inspired me to do more. <3

    1. I'm happy to know that I managed to inspire you to continue. There were many tough days and my views aren't great but I enjoy this so much, it's a passion that I continue to put more fuel on :D


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