Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday - Father Figure

In lieu with Father's day coming this weekend, this week's topic is Father figure. Having a father in the family has always been essential for a wholesome family. It is quite hard to get some characters for this topic because many a times I've read books that does not have a father in the family but there are some times that a male character will find themselves in a fatherly role for the main character. So without following order, here is my list:

Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter
How to not love Arthur who is the head of the family for the Weasley. He is at times humorous and also a reliable father when it comes to important stuff. 

Sirius Black from Harry Potter
Godfather of Harry Potter who took care of him even though he was not close to him. I love how Sirius honors his promise to Harry's parents. You can read the love that he has for Harry and it's just beautiful.

Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter
I always thought Dumbledore took extra care for Harry more than anyone else. He has taught him many life lessons and spoken so wisely many a times to Harry. The sacrifice that Dumbledore made for everyone shows how much of a father he is to everyone in the school and the wizarding world.

King Maxon from The Heir
I love the grown up Maxon very much in the book. He has gone through a lot and it's wonderful when he passes on his wisdom and experiences to Princess Eadlyn.

Shalom Singer from The Selection
America's father is truly different from the family. The connection between father and daughter means so much to the both of them. He often gives good advice to America and trying to help support her emotionally too.

As you can see my selection is quite limited as there are many books that I've read who are young adults that needed to struggle on their own without any father to pass them wisdom. Harry Potter series have the most parents around. So what are your picks?

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