Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday - Book Theme Song

This week is an interesting topic to discuss about. Sometimes when you're reading, there is a tendency to imagine everything described and maybe just maybe you'll also have a song in mind for certain scenes. I kinda do that for books who are written in a way that could be a good movie. Books packed with action would be harder to associate a song with because usually in the movies it's music that heats up the scene. As for theme songs, it's easier to associate it with contemporary books. I wouldn't say below are my top 5 theme songs or books because it was quite hard to pick a song to match a book for me. But anyway here are my 5 picks:

Since You've Been Gone - Toploader ~Dancing in the Moonlight

Emily is determined to finish up her list of things to do given by her best friend Sloane. In one of the items, I felt that the song really suited the scene. Emily was required to do certain things late at night so dancing in the moonlight kinda clicks with it for me as it's having fun and being free under the moonlight.

The Crown - Michelle Branch ~You set me free

The reason that I've picked this song is because the candidates in the Selection for Princess Eadlyn has since changed her and helped her grow. In a way those boys kind of help set her free from the perception of how she must act as a princess.

One Day - JJ Lin ~Too Bad
As for this book I do not want to give out spoilers but the timing of the characters of the book is always off. They have the worst timing ever for everything and sadly it made me thought of this song Too Bad. It's a mandarin song singing about missed chances and bad timing.

Ten Thousand Skies Above You - Vanessa Carlton ~ A Thousand Miles

If you haven't heard of this song, I'm a bit sad because this was one big hit when it was out. Everyone was loving it and boys who knew how to play the piano showed off in church. Girls would flock to the piano to hear the guy on the piano. So the song describes that the person would do anything to see his/her other half and it totally applies to the book. Marguerite is doing all she can to save Paul and to have him save in her arms again. Of course there are similar songs but this one sticks with me the most.

Skip Beat - Katy Perry ~ Hot N Cold

So this is a shoujo manga series that's still on going for quite a number of years now. I really love the characters of the story. The reason why I've chosen this song because the relationships/romance of the characters are like the song, Suddenly it's a yes and then it's a no, a number of push and pull happening in the plots. 

I still find it hard to listen to music and read at the same time because I can only concentrate on the book. The lyrics of the song would be distracting me from my book instead and sometimes I also have a strong urge to sing along. Do share with me your theme song for books, it'll be interesting to read how you can relate that song to the book


  1. So interesting! I wouldn't even know where to begin to find music to pair with books. Very cool, Li!


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