Thursday, April 7, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday - Rainy Day Reads

Rainy days are my favorite because living in a tropical country it's always hot and humid. When it pours heavily it's the best time to sleep because it's cooling and windy. So since I like to sleep on a rainy day instead of reading this was quite hard to choose. Hence I imagine myself not sleeping on a rainy day and reading so what book would I read? Below would be the list of picks but not in any particular order:


One of the cutest book written by Rainbow Rowell and it would be a joy to read on a rainy day to lift up the mood. It totally gives giddy feelings to those who love cute characters. This book is my all time favourite contemporary book because it's light hearted and easy to read through. I have a review here:

Anna and the French Kiss

All three books of this series are super cute and adorable. The stories are so sweet and heart warming that it's a book that's hard to put down. Just imagine yourself curled up on bed with a hot cup of tea/coffee/cocoa next to you. With your blanket covering your feet, giggling because of a book. I've already read all three so here the reviews if you wanna check it out:


This is my favorite Rainbow Rowell book. It made me laugh, it was exciting and of course I love the format of the writing so so so much. It's an easy book to read so it doesn't take too long, probably one sitting and you're done. So to lighten your mood on a rainy day a book that makes me laugh is a good choice. Review is here:

The Rithmatist

This book is a fabulous page turner because of the mystery that's present in the story, you just want to find out what's gonna happen. A book by Brandon Sanderson has not let me down so far. Another thing about this book that was interesting is the world that's built by the author, the magic system is so unique too. With illustrations to assist your reading it makes reading so much more interesting. I would want to read a book that's non stop action to make my rainy day interesting. Here the review:

Since You've Been Gone

A book about friendship is always heart warming to read about. The story for this book is just so much fun to read. It was such a hard book to put down therefore a good book to pass the rainy day. I would need a book that captures my attention well if I were to read on the bed to spend the rainy day. Because I love this book so much, it's one of my top favourites two years ago. Here is my review:

Basically on a rainy day I would prefer to read books that can capture my attention well. A good adventurous story or a heart warming book would be my top picks. What are books that you've read on a rainy day? Or books you prefer to read on a rainy day. Please share them with me at the comments section. Thank you and have a great day!!

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