Thursday, April 21, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday - Books I'm Intimidated By

When books intimidate me I would just put it aside in my TBR pile, thinking that I'll get to it one day, probably. So these are books that are typically in a subject that I'm not the most interested in but still a little bit curious about it. Another reason would be that the English is too deep so it would be hard for me to understand and thus reading it will take a long time too. Sometimes books that are too thick also intimidates me because my attention span is quite short. Not to forget that books that won any prizes also intimidates me because I'm afraid I would not love it and would not understand why it was awarded.

Without further delay, here is my list not in any particular order:

The Book Thief

I've had this book sitting on my bookshelf for more than a year and I've still not read it. I roughly know what's the book about as there was a movie based on the book. I'm quite afraid to read it because it's quite a thick book and also it's historical fiction. This genre often scares me because I do not know my history well. History was not my favourite subject in school and we did not have much topics on world history in the syllables. Hopefully I'll pick it up soon.

All the Light We Cannot See

This is another book that is in the historical fiction genre. Other than that, it won an award THE PULITZER PRIZE. With the award, it has already scared me because it gives me the impression that it's a deep book. It really intimidates me because I'm afraid I would not feel the same as those who have read it. I feel pressured when it comes to books with so much attention and high ratings.

Fates and Furies

A book that the President of United States actually read and recommends. Seriously, with this amount of attention it's really hard not to be intimidated by it. I mean what if I don't understand it at all. I do have an e-book of it, maybe when I'm too bored with fantasy I would pick it up to read.

City of Heavenly Fire

The last book of the Mortal Instruments series means the end of Clary, Jace and gang. I'm about 100 pages or more in but I'm reluctant to finish it. This is because I really don't want it to end. Although I'm not too fond of Clary but I could see her grow in the book which is a good thing. I loved all the relationships between the gang and well I wouldn't like to read about those characters dying or what not. With the book being so thick at the same time, it means I would have to invest a lot more time to finish it. Hopefully in the next month or so I'll get to finish it because I want to start on Lady Midnight.

Heir of Fire

I quite like the first two books and then the books keep getting thicker and of course the plot is better too. I'm afraid that I won't love this one because I read reviews from other people and apparently it's most people least favorite book. I don't know why, I just can't explain why I'm afraid of picking up the book. Hopefully I'll be reading it soon though, it's been sitting on my shelf for more than a year.

Looking through my list I notice I'm mainly intimidated by thick books, historical fiction and also literary fiction. Please do share your picks in the comments below with me. Have a nice day and thanks for dropping by.

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  1. heir of fire is definitely intimidating, but SO worth the read! altbough, city of heavenly fire is scary long, and it's taking me awhile to read it! :D


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