Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday - Biggest Book Hangovers

Hangovers usually happen when you've drank too much alcohol previous night and I have not tried it before because I don't drink (small fact about me). But book hangovers I've gotten plenty of them. There's just so many times that after completing a book or the last in the series I couldn't let it go. I kept thinking about it for days and I wanted more from the characters then to have it end. Of course the endings are fabulous endings that is why it got me thinking about it constantly. 

The Darkest Minds
When I completed this book I was like suspended or halted in time. The ending was just hard to take in. I needed the next book but sadly I'm on a book buying ban so I can't get it until May. The whole journey of the book was fantastic, it was such a exciting ride. This book really left me thinking about it over and over. Review here.

I cried when I read the epilogue, the ending was so beautiful. It made my heart ache. After that I kept thinking back of what would happen if it was some other ending. I really wanted more for the characters but after more thoughts I felt that it was the perfect ending. Review here

Six of Crows
I loved the characters so so much and also the plot of the book was mysterious and hard to predict. This was a book about heist and how  a bunch of people tried to pull it off. It was a book that was truly exciting at all times. As for why I had a hangover, well it's because the ending was at a suspense and I won't be able to know until the next book. It's so infuriating that I would have to wait about a year or less for the second book to be published. I kept thinking what's next, kept thinking back on the characters' past. Please just give me the second book already! Review here

The Lunar Chronicles
I am so in love with the characters and the story. This series is just so epic and it deserves to be turned into a movie. I just finished the last book not long ago and I wanted more for the characters. I really want to have a longer story for all the love interests. I really did not want to finish the book but I had to know the ending. After I completed the series I was so sad that I won't be reading about them but lucky for me there was a book with all the short stories for the series published. Until  then I would just have to dream about the characters I love. Review here

Clockwork Princess
This was another book that had an epilogue that was totally beautiful. It really made me cry because it was just so good. I was so happy with the ending and really hope there was more for the characters. As far as I know they will be back in other Shadowhunter related books. Review here

There you have it, books that made me wept and think about for days. I really love them so so much and I think having a hangover means those are books worth your time to read. So what books made you act like that? Do share it with me in the comments below. 

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