Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Top 5 Wednesday - Worst Love Interests (male or female)

This week's discussion is the worst love interests for the characters in the story. Many a times when we read novels, we enjoy the plot, enjoy the characters but not the love interest. Of course this is purely based on personal opinion because let's face it everyone is different. Some can love it, some hate it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Below are a list of love interests that kinda annoyed me when I was reading the novels. These are love pairings that I usually do not support because I felt that it was not fitting. So without any particular order these are my top 5:

Gale from The Hunger Games

Sometimes I feel that this character weighs Katniss down too much and often I felt like he loved her out of convenience such as they have so much in common in family struggles or they go hunting together. I don't see sincerity in his feelings for her. The relationship just doesn't feel important to them.

Edward from Twilight

For Edward it was too much instant love, he didn't need to get to know her. He just craves her and wants her, sounds stalker-ish and too obsessive for my liking. The love between is just too childish, I guess that's how it is for teenage love but not all are like that.

Bella from Twilight

She is just too weak minded and such a damsel in distress. When they broke up she acted like such a child, such a baby. I swore I could have slapped her many times in the book. I totally felt that she and Edward is not a good match at all, the dependency for each other is just unrealistic. then again the whole book is unrealistic to begin with.

Dorian from Throne of Glass

I actually ship him and Celaena very much in the books but I think he is just too weak. He is not able to stand up for himself or the girl that he loves. If only he was more brave in pursuing the relationship then maybe we could see more happening between them but I guess not. There were so many missed moments that he could have chased after Celaena, wasted opportunities.

Aspen from The Selection

This guy is so indecisive, one moment he wants her and then he pushes her away. Then when he wants her, he put their lives in danger. If you treasure or love someone acting like him is so reckless. 

Honestly it's not like all these are bad characters but they just don't fit well together. There is no appeal when there are together. When two characters have a love relationship in the books and their every interaction makes me squeal I'm impressed and I will root for them to be together. When I cringe, that means I can't accept their love. Anyway not everyone feels the same as me, what are your picks, please share with me at the comments section. Have a happy hump day!


  1. Ou I like that version of the Twilight series in your photo there. I agree with everything on your list (other than the last one as I haven't read that yet!). And yes, Gale is so much better as just the friend that a lover.

    Here's my: Top 5 Wednesday

    1. I've read your list and I quite agree with it too. I guess there's too many "bad" love interest in young adult novels. The selection series is not bad at all, quite entertaining :D

  2. I think you may have broken many hearts when you listed Edward and Bella. I have grown as a reader, but like many other's, I adored Edward (the book character not the movie one) very much at one point.

    1. Well I did like the books very much when I started reading it. It's the series that brought me into YA but since then reading so many YAs, Twilight has become less and less loved by me. I guess you could say that I was not opened to other series hence making Twilight a special one at the moment of reading it (plus I think myself as quite naive in the area of love 8 years ago)


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