Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Top 5 Favourite - Buzz Words

This week's topic is top 5 favourite buzz words. It's words that is printed or used to described a book that will guarantee a buy from you. It's was kinda easy for me to pick those words as knowing myself as a person who always buy books based on this alone. So many times I would buy books from the book store just by browsing and upon spotting those keywords, my mind goes "BUY!!!!!". So here are my choices in no particular order:

  1. Heist - I'm such a lover of heist type of stories, even for movies. My favourite is of course Six of Crow currently. What made me love heist so much is because I love the details of how the plan will be, how the people execute it and how there's always something that will go wrong. My love for heist is strongly influenced by Oceans 11 movie and the following ones too.
  2. Con - This is one similar word to the one on top but there is a difference when it comes to the story. My favourite con related book would be The White Cat series from Holly Black. This was the series that made me love the author's works so so much. 
  3. Revolution - Whenever humans are oppressed in stories and a group of people band together to start a revolution or resistance, I'm pulled in for sure. I love this because I love how the author can be creative on the suffering of the people, how that band of people come together and lastly how will they fight against this oppression. Books that are somewhat in this category would be The Hunger Games, The Mistborn, The White Rose and many more.
  4. Anti-heroes - Bad guys who turn out to be heroes or heroes who are actually bad guys. It'll be like taking a candy from a baby for the publishers because I'm sold! I love how that people with powers who are supposedly be good but are bad instead, or people who are bad ended up fighting the good fight. Vicious and Steelheart are two books that I've read who are in this category.
  5. Time travelling -  OMG!!! The easiest hook on me is this one. I love love love books on this topic because I'm intrigued as to how the author can deal with butterfly effect, how the story come together to explain time gaps and how when events happened are link to the time traveller. The series that I've in this category is Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, and Emerald Green. The author did a fantastic job with the series.
Some books that I've mentioned will have links to reviews that I've written, do check it out. Please share in the comments below what buzz word/s is a guaranteed buy for you.

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