Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top 5: Disappointing Eye Candy

Wow this is another week's topic that is quite hard for me to choose as I've always researched a book before I've bought it. I seldom buy books based on the cover looking beautiful but I think I can find a few (goes to my bookshelf.........start rummaging around........back after 50 minutes).

So I do have some books that I've not love and I've mainly sold it off as it was not worth to keep on my bookshelf. So here goes my list:

This is a book I bought because I like the author and the cover also looks good too. Sadly the plots were just okay and the characters did not have much growth at all. I was disappointed as Amanda's previous series were quite good and I loved it. As it's so mediocre I've decided to let the series go.

As you can see this book had a very nice typography indeed together with simple icon that sort of depicts the story. I found this book okay and it was not a book that was particularly funny or romantic. I can strongly say that this was a book that did not leave an impression on me. The characters and the plot was just average.

Without a doubt this book really had a good picture describing the genre and also the main character. The first book was okay but the second was so disappointing. It was not spooky or scary at all. I did not get scared thinking about the book. The plot of the book was also just average nothing impressive to me.

I picked up this book years ago as the cover and the side of the book caught my eye. The side of the pages were all painted green. Unfortunately, this was a book that I did not finish at all. I felt that the story dragged on too long, the side characters were just okay nothing special. At one point this book was so boring that I skipped here and there just reading conversations.

I bought this book without knowing it was made into a movie. The fonts really caught my eye when I was in the book store browsing. I wanted to like it as it had so much hype in it. I guess I didn't like it that much because I find it hard to connect with the characters and I did not agree to the things that there were doing while hanging out. I know that there is meaning behind this book but I wasn't feeling it much.

I know there are many who have enjoyed and loved the books that I've mentioned above. Please do not be offended as these are my opinions and taste when it comes to reading. It could be a bad book for someone but a treasure to another. Lesson of the day: Never judge a book by it's cover.


  1. Indeed. Never judge a book by its cover. But, I just can't help it. =D Some cover art are so beautiful. I haven't read any of those books...yet. I'm curious about Wicked, though. It's made into a play, and I've heard so many good things about the play.

    1. Wicked have very good reviews when it comes to the play. The actresses in the play really did so well that they become more famous after the play. Maybe I just missed out the good parts of the book since I didn't finish it

  2. I'm looking for your e-mail subscription. ;)

    1. I have not set up one, will do soon in the weekends. Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot :D

    2. I'll be your first subscriber. In fact, please just add me. Ha ha.

    3. Thanks, am following you on blogger and G+ :D


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