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Favourite books of 2015

I have had a great year with books and thus it was hard to choose my favourite.This is because quite many of the books become my favourite this year. Before I present to you my list, I would like to say that these books are not necessarily published in 2015, they are just books that I've read in 2015 although a few was published in 2015. I've decided to choose a top 10 to share with you guys. These books have such great stories to tell and some have pulled at my heartstrings. I highly recommend these books and I'll insert links to my reviews of those books too. The list below are not in any particular order but I have to mention that my most favourite book of the year would be Six of Crows.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo - The story is set in the Grisha world but these characters are not related to the Grisha trilogy. They are a band of bad people who are trying to work together to prison break an important person. How will they pull off this task when that prison is the hardest place to break out of? They also have many conflicts with each other, can they actually work together without killing each other first? What I love about the book is it's action packed, the characters have very interesting past, and as you read along the story you will find out how they pull off their heist. My full review: click here

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray - A girl chases a boy across multiple dimensions because he killed her father. I love the world that is built in the story, all those parallel dimensions are so unique and special. The characters were also people with personalities that grabs your attention. It was a fantastic page turner as you want to follow the heroine on her quest for justice. This is the first book in the firebird trilogy. My full review: click here

Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray - The second book in the firebird trilogy. The romance in this book was so so good and of course the parallel dimensions that are new in this book was really well built too. This book also talks about morality issues. A new danger and a new adventure in the second book that totally grasped my attention. My full review: click here

Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot - The last book in the Princess Diaries series and this book was about Mia Thermopolis all grown up. It was funny and witty. I love reading about all the characters that are now adults in this last book. This book brings back all the fun memories of reading all the previous books. My full review: click here

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black - There's a boy who has horns sleeping in a glass coffin which is located in the forest. There is no way to wake him up. One day the coffin was smashed and the boy is missing. This book is very mysterious which is why it caught my attention so well. I could not stop reading to find out what happened at all. The characters in the book were also quite interesting living in a weird town. I love the uniqueness of the story and also Holly Black is my favourite author. My full review: click here

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson - The lead heroine recently lost her sister and the whole family is grieving but she chooses to do it alone. She is also confused with what to do and trapped in between two relationships at the same time. One with a new guy who just came to town and another with her sister's boyfriend. What I love about this book is the topic of grief as it also gave me a whole different perspective. My full review: click here

Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider - This book is about a boy getting sick and was sent to a boarding facility to stay as it was contagious. The boy would have to change his life totally and also accept that being terminally ill is a condition he has. I love that this book talks about life and death as everyone who is in the facility contracted the same terminal illness and how the young people there deal and face their problem. The writer put in a very important message in this book and I learnt a lot from it. My full review: click here

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella - Audrey has trouble with social anxiety and has a hard time communicating with anyone other than her family. Slowly she starts to pass messages with her brother's friend Linus. What I love about this book is that even though it is touching about a serious topic, the author manage to make this book funny and light hearted. I love how I could laugh so much from reading this book, it made me happy and also it was heart warming how her family helped her to heal. My full review: click here

I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson - A story about a pair of twin siblings who used to be so close but then something happened which changed their relationships. The story is written in the present and the past which slowly reveals the incident. I found that this book was really touching on sibling relationship and also family . I could not stop turning the pages as I wanted to learn more about the characters. It's certainly a story that leaves a heavy impression on the reader. My full review: click here

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson - This is a story about a gang of people trying to fight the immortal king who is a tyrant ruler. The leader is a crminal mastermind who is planning an uprising and with him he has a mistborn to train to master Allomancy. The magic system in this book is totally mind-blowing as it's really detail and so unique. The author did an amazing job in building the world as well. The characters were very special and of course the plot was so epic. This is by far one of the best fantasy books I've read. My full review is soon to come.

I guess you can see that this year the genre that dominated my favourite books are young adult contemporary and fantasy. Only Mistborn and Royal Wedding both are consider as adult books. The fantasy books offer so much adventure and being immersed in those worlds was delightful and exciting. For the contemporary books, the stories were emotional with very strong messages attached to it, I've certainly gain new perspectives from reading those books and also lost some tears too. To view what I've read in 2015, this is my Goodreads link:  click here 

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