Monday, November 16, 2015

Royal Wedding

Princess Mia's life in New York City is one glamorous whirlwind. Not only does she have to deal with nosy gossip columnists on a daily basis and the paparazzi following her every move, she's also expected to enchant wealthy strangers at royal engagements. Speaking of engagements...Mia's gorgeous long-term boyfriend Michael has popped The Question on an exotic Carribbean island. Finally they're ready to settle down...or so she thought.

When Mia and Michael return from their romantic hideaway, they discover that they are embroiled in a scandal of majestic proportions! A scandal that could turn the normally calm Michael into a runaway groom...Worse still, a scheming politico is trying to force Mia's father from the throne. 

Mia may be ready to wed, but is she ready to rule as well? - excerpt from book.

Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot is about Princess Mia after she's all grown up now in her mid twenties. From what I read around the internet this is the last book for the series, which makes me kinda sad as I started loving Meg Cabot's books from her The Princess Diaries series. I read this series when I was in high school through college so it's about more than 10 years since I've read this series. I was so excited about this last book, so naturally I bought it immediately when it's out. This book really brings back such good memories of my younger days, how much I loved it, laughed with it and smiled about it.

I can gladly say that this book is still funny and witty like the previous books and I absolutely enjoyed reading it. I totally love reading about Princess Mia's daily life especially her reactions to events happening. The interactions of the characters are all so entertaining too, it was so fun reading about all her friends again. It's just so nice that the characters all feel familiar but then because they have grown up there's a slight difference in personality for everyone too.

The plot is very smooth with really good twists which I could not expect at all. I think the timing of events happening in the storyline was perfect. I have nothing to complain about the story and the only thing that makes me sad is I wished there was more in the series. Because I love the series so much, it's only normal that it was a hard book to put down, so I kept flipping the pages quickly.

Reading Meg Cabot's books are such joy to me and it has always been funny. After writing this review, I feel I must take out her other books and read them again. I highly recommend this to all Princess Diaries series lovers because we must read the ending for Mia's story (hopefully Meg Cabot changes her mind and writes more). I also recommend this to readers who enjoys reading romance books that are funny. Without a doubt I would reread this book in the near future.

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