Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reading goals for 2015

Last year it has been a good reading year since I managed to finish my reading goal challenge which is 50 books. I just randomly picked books that I was interested and read last year which is usually new books that I bought. Because of this behavior I ended up with a big TBR(to-be-read) pile which contains books that have been bought many years ago. 

This year I think some planning and a little bit structure will help reach my 50 books challenge. Below is the list which I hope I might be able to roughly follow through if I can:

  1. Read 50 books
  2. Finish 5 series at least (Mistborn trilogy, Maze runner, Matched trilogy, The Inheritance Cycle, Fire and thorn trilogy)
  3. Listen to all the Harry Potter audiobooks
  4. Read 1 book a week at least.
  5. Read at least 2 self-help books 
Counting the series listed there, there is 16 books there where the reading goal will be 34 books left. When I include the 2 self-help books and 6 of 7 Harry Potter audiobooks, the total will be 26 books left. Those 26 books will either come from my TBR pile or new books that I'm planning to buy this year. These are just simple goals but I really hope I can do it. Here's to wishing all bookworms good luck in reaching your reading goals!!
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