Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 5 Series I want to start this year

5. Ruby Red trilogy - I have the first and second book sitting on my shelf and the last book in my Amazon cart currently so it's time to read it soon. I have heard mix reviews but generally the story line interests me because of the timeline of the book. The series in English is actually a translated version but I think it might be a good one to read. 

4. Darkest Mind trilogy - This is a series that is completed and many Booktubers have raved about it. Since it is in the dystopia genre, I am very interested to read it. I also heard that the characters of the book sort of have superpowers which is another type of story that interests me.

3. Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy - Another series that was completed last year. The booktubers that I follow have all loved the series and it's their favourite series of all time. I do not know much of the book except it's in the fantasy genre which is my favourite genre of all time. So excited to get the box set on amazon.

2. Throne of Glass series - This is one fantasy series that many have praised and I have yet to start. All I know it's about this female assassin competing in something to obtain freedom. I seriously do not know what's it about but it is time to reduce my TBR pile as I already have bought all the books in the series available.

1. Falling Kingdoms trilogy - Lastly, this is the trilogy that I'm most excited to start as one of my favourite Booktubers (gingerreadslainey) loved loved it and her taste in books are quite similar to mine so I quite trust her judgement. As I know it's a high fantasy trilogy with quite a number of characters involved. I do not want to read any reviews because I'm afraid of spoilers. I'm hoping to buy the series soon and start it ASAP.

Hopefully I am able to start and finish those series mentioned above as 4 series have already completed which is good news because I can marathon it.

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