Sunday, January 4, 2015

Review of 2014

It's funny that every year I write a post like this. But it's important to me because I like to review and criticize myself about the year that passed by. Time certainly flies and this year seems to be faster than any other for me. It has been a tough year given so much had happened in my life last year. I was thinking about what to write last night and it was hard to put those feelings into words. Most things that happened were related to health and it struck family members dear to my heart.

One of my aunts was diagnosed with having a tumor in the brain and everything happened so fast. From entering the hospital to having surgery, but I was glad to see all family members giving support to my aunt and everyone gathered to help. I realized more than anything when in crisis, your family members would extend help without consequences or ulterior motives, I'm happy to say the tumor was not cancerous and my aunt is healing very well since. 

Another lesson I learned is you can have a thousand, a million or any big number of "friends" but one true friend is all you need. People who seemed to be friends all have ulterior motives. In this day, it's hard to find people who you can trust, confide in because they can just easily whisper false accusations, or anything they can make up to other people. I also learned that if you don't know people well, don't judge just observe and reserve those thoughts to yourself. As long as you know the truth, do the right thing and execute with caution. 

After passing half of the year, I thought things would settle down but another big incident happened again. The passing of my grandfather brought my family together and again I was reminded to not take life for granted. I was sad, depressed of things that happened during the funeral. I saw many things that I will forever keep in my mind as a good reminder. As if that wasn't enough, a few weeks ago my grandmother fell in the toilet and broke her left arm. She had to do surgery and it was difficult for her to do basic things like eating and changing without help. 

As I ponder the events that happened, I also reviewed myself in my progress as a person. And thus I look back at the resolutions I made. Honestly, I only manage to achieve some which is disappointing. Those that I have slashed off I manage to do and those in bold I have failed.

  • Read 50 books this year (hopefully 1 book per week)
  • No buying makeup ban (at least until I finish 50% of the collections I have)
  • Eat healthily (no fast food unless no choice)
  • Exercise once a week
  • Blog more beside book reviews
  • Follow my schedules more often (be better at planning)
  • No more excuses in laziness (work harder towards my dream)
  • Grow more as person (do not judge people, do not care what other people think too much, always be humble, don't be stubborn)
  • Really think carefully before I speak
  • Don't let emotions get in the way (controlling my temper) 

To summarize it has been a tough year and I really did  not try my best in completing my resolutions. Having learnt so many lessons last year, I can say that I became a stronger person. I hope this new year I would achieve the new resolutions that I set and try my best above all else. Lastly, I would not give up on my dreams no matter the obstacles or hurdles that come my way. Wishing everyone a good year ahead and good luck. Happy new year, welcome 2015!! I hope it will be a better year than before. 

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