Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 New Year Resolutions

It's that time of the year where I set my resolutions/goals for the year. This time it took me longer to think carefully because I wanted to be able to achieve 80% of the goals so I had to set achievable ones. Many of the resolutions are the same as last year as I did not achieve it or it was not satisfactory for me.

  • Eat healthily (more greens, no mamak food, reduce fried food, drink more water less soda)
  • Exercise once a week
  • Plan my week and try to execute the plans
  • Plan more blog posts
  • Learn more web development 
  • Be more positive
  • Grow more as person (do not judge people, don't be stubborn)
  • Always think before I speak
  • Control my emotions
  • Read 50 books (will do a reading goals post)

After going through last year, I realized health is very important be it mental or physical and so this is my highest priority. Next is to improve myself as a person whether it's my attitude or my skills, both are also important to me. I want to be as productive as I can be. I truly believe this year I can do better and I will try my best in everything I do. Life is too short so live healthily, live happily, and never stop believing that you can do great things. I wish everyone a good year ahead and don't give up in life even though it's tough. What can't kill you makes you stronger. Another video link below that is inspiring to watch:


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