Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels

Simon was on a date with Isabelle and they met up in a coffee shop. Simon was troubled as he did not know whether he was exclusive with Izzy and so he was dating Maia at the same time too. There was two weird men hanging around the shop and Izzy was able to tell they are subjugates of a vampire. They approached the table and said that their master wanted to meet Simon. Simon thought it was Raphael so he went with them, Izzy wanted to follow too but was not invited hence Simon went alone.

They arrived at a trendy restaurant and Simon did not expect to see Raphael at a place like this but he was actually asked by a woman. She is Camille Belcourt, a vampire that led the clan that Raphael is in charge of. Camille has been around and she offered Simon help where she can teach him how to stomach normal food and also speak the holy words that Simon could not. In exchange, Simon were to help her get back her position with the clan as Camille claimed that she was forced to leave by Raphael because a crime was blamed on her. Simon had a lot to consider whether he should help or not.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare is the fourth book in the mortal instruments series. This book was quite slow in the beginning of the book, there was action here and there occasionally but not enough for me. Towards the end of the book it was really good. I read this book with a big gap between the third book as I knew that book 4,5,6 was more closely related. When I started the book, there was much things that I kinda forgotten and so I needed to research on the third book to refresh my memory. 

Being the fourth book, I actually expected more growth for some characters which I actually did see in Simon but not so in Clary and Jace. I'm not fond of female leads that are weak and sort of damsel type so I honestly say I don't like Clary. But the other characters that were involved in this book made it good for me. I liked that the story was featuring more of Simon as I was not impressed by the teenage love drama happening between Clary and Jace.

As for the plot, it was really interesting because I do not know what to expect after what happened in book three. I really enjoyed reading more about the story and the progress of it. The ending did make me feel excited to continue to the fifth book which I have and subsequently the last book was out last month so I get continue on without waiting. My advice is that if you love the series just continue with it as it's still fun to read about the shadowhunter world. For new readers, I wouldn't say it's my favourite series but I still like it as it's a unique world just that it's not at the top of my list to recommend and I feel that there is too much hype for the series. I would prefer infernal devices because of the characters in that book are stronger and this book has weaker ones.


  1. I've written reviews for the last two books of The Mortal Instruments, and I completely agree with your opinion of Jace and Clary. I won't say that I don't like Clary, but she is a weak character. I wrote in one of my reviews that she and Jace don't really show much change throughout the series. It's the other characters that steal the show and make these books worth reading. Great review!

    1. Thank you for your comment! You're the first person who agreed that Clary and Jace did not have much character development. I seem like a bad person to other fans who love the series so much.


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