Monday, June 2, 2014

The Islands of Chaldea

The time came for Aileen to go into the Place where she is suppose to get visions. Those visions are the initiation of her becoming a wise woman just like the other women before her (Aunt Beck and her mother). Aileen was afraid of being alone and cold underground and she tried really hard to keep her eyes open for fear she missed her visions. After not knowing how long she's been there, she saw a light coming into the Place and she scrambled to get out of the place. After she was out, she noticed that  not much time had actually passed and so she went back underground and finally fell asleep.  In the morning when her Aunt Beck came to fetch her, she told her there were no visions which resulted that she failed.

Aileen was depressed, sad and tired so after eating she went to sleep. But she didn't get to sleep longer because the King had asked her aunt and Aileen to join them for dinner. Ogo who is a boy from Logran was to fetch and escort them to the palace. When aunt Beck asked what was the matter he had no clue at all. Dinner with the King was weird as High King Farlane who is King of all the islands also joined for dinner and it did not happen often. Many important people were at the table and so the reason was told by High King Farlane that according to prophecy told by people from other islands, if the wise woman were to journey to each island and bring one person from it and then head to Logran, the wall that was brought up by Lograns would fall. The mission was to save the King's son who was kidnapped along with his men who went hunting with him. Aileen's father was one of the men who was kidnapped many years ago. Aunt Beck, Aileen, Ogo and the King's son Ivar were to go on that mission.

The Islands of Chaldea by Diana Wynne Jones, completed by Ursula Jones is the last book that Diana wrote while she was sickly but did not complete due to the severity of her cancer which eventually took her life away. I was really happy to read another title of hers but sadly it's her last one. This book has some good adventure in it and it was entertaining. It isn't her best work but her standards are there. The events happening in the book can either be mediocre or very exciting. The fan girl that I am would be comparing this book with all the titles that I have read and her writing really brings nostalgia of her other books. 

The character of the book are interesting people and the main character herself does go through character development which I felt it was good. This book was completed by the author's sister and I could not tell where the book was left off for her to fill in. I'd say Ursula did a great job writing just like her sister. It would be wonderful if the story was longer as I felt that if Diana was alive it definitely would be so. Unfortunately for us it had to be that way but it was still enjoyable reading it. I only recommend this book to fan of hers as I felt for people who have not read her books before might get misdirected. The misdirection would be thinking that her writing is like this but I can tell you she has many books who have very magical stories in it. Read her books by following the date of publication and then you would know how great a fantasy book writer she is. After reading this book, I could not help but re-read some her books which I really love. 

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