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Lena managed to help Julian escape his death sentence. when they met up with the others a member of the resistance gave Lena a shock because it was Alex. Alex did not die and was sent to the Crypt. When there was an explosion there, he managed to escape with many other prisoners. Alex had now join them and they all moved to join the rest of the homestead along with Raven and Tack.

While they were out in the wilds travelling, they found an old lady and young girl who was injured bad. The old lady who was the young girl's grandmother did not make it. The girl named Coral told them that they lived in a farm that is secluded but were found out and their home was burnt to the ground along with her family members. Lena and the group realized that the regulators and the government have finally acknowledged the wilds since the explosion that happened in Portland. This caused them to start searching the wilds and exterminating those who live there peacefully. Their lives are now in danger as every where they go they are hunted and killed as if cleansing and cleaning the world from deliria.

Requiem by Lauren Oliver is the third and final book of the trilogy. I was so excited about reading the last part but I got slightly disappointed. Halfway through the book, I got a bit bored and had left it alone for two weeks and moved on to reading other books. The book is written with two perspective this time alternating between Lena and her best friend Hana which I thought it was interesting but then again it just made Lena's side of the story shorter. I didn't quite like reading about Hana as a whole chapter because her story was just okay and some times boring which is the reason that discouraged me to read the book quickly.

Another thing that I felt was lacking is the relationships in this book is too complicated but then left out on its own without tackling it at all. I wanted more from the relationships and it sort of just stops there because they have more pressing matters. The action was on and off but it gotten better at second half of the book. I would love the book more if there was more character development for the main characters. The plots like I said it was boring at first with slight action and then it got better but the climax was just so so. I did have two quotes that I quite liked:

"This is what amazes me: that people are new every day. That they are never the same. You must always invent them, and they must invent themselves, too." page 118.

"That's what people do in a disordered world, a world of freedom and choice: They leave when they want. They disappear, they come back, they leave again. And you are left to pick up the pieces on your own." page 331.

Overall the meaning of the book still retains which I felt was important but the plots was just okay and the ending was acceptable to me. If you've had read the first two then it's a must to get your ending. If I have to choose this would be my least favourite book of the trilogy, the second one is my favourite followed by the first book. 

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