Thursday, March 27, 2014

This is What Happy Looks Like

One day, Graham stumble upon Ellie's email address because he made a mistake while contacting his pig sitter. They exchanged emails for some time and it was much much fun conversations. Luck was on Graham's side as he is able to visit Ellie's town and he will meet her for the first time. Summer was just starting and Ellie was not really excited like everyone else in town. During this season, many tourist will visit which generates business for the town but this year the town is also involve in filming a movie.

People could not stop looking while the place is being set up for filming and also searching for the movie stars at the same time. Ellie did not bother to stop and went to work as usual as she needed money for a program that she managed to get in Harvard in august. Ellie's friend came in for the next shift at the ice cream shop and had an accident which messed up her uniform. Ellie offered hers since she was wearing a tank top underneath anyway. On her way out, she noticed a boy heading to the place and he had a look in his eyes but she carried on to her mom's store.

Graham was excited and he arrived one day early before the shoot just to see Ellie. He headed to the ice cream shop that Ellie mentioned she worked at. He was being followed by photographers as he enter the shop. He looked at the girl with the Ellie name tag on her shirt and then he asked her out to dinner tonight. The short girl which is Ellie's friend knows that Graham is a movie star and so she accepted the invitation since she liked him too.

This is What Happy Looks Like by  Jennifer E. Smith is about two teenagers meeting for the first time and how they continue from that. When I read the excerpt at the back of the book I was expecting those type of books with plenty email conversations but I was disappointed. I wished those few months that Ellie and Graham were conversing through email was more elaborated.  I do like the writing style where each chapter differs between their perspectives. I love knowing both side of a story instead of focusing on one character's thoughts and experience.

The book was slightly predictable at the start but it was okay and the from then I did not know what to expect which is a good thing. The background and personality of the characters are quite realistic which is another point that I like of this book. The events that occurred in the story line was realistic and the reactions of the characters were good. Overall this is a good book for summer reading since that is the season mentioned in the book. The love story and characters was okay for me because it didn't draw me in to love them. Compared to other contemporary young adult books, I thought this book's romance was just mediocre. The chances of me reading this book again is probably 40% but I didn't think that it's a book not worth buying/keeping in my collection. 

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