Saturday, March 1, 2014


The assassination of Elector Primo had failed and then Day pledged for Anden to calm the citizens from revolting the government. Things manage to calm down but Day's life is numbered and so he broke up with June. Day and his brother moved away to get treatment in San Francisco. Because of their break up, June accepted Anden's offer to become Princeps-Elect and her training starts where much politics are involved.

For a long time Day has not speak to June and then he got a call from her one night asking for his presence at a party. The treaty talk between The republic and the Colonies has turned bad because a virus was spread into the east. The Colonies claim that it's the republic's fault and they cancel the whole thing unless an antidote was provided. Day was requested by Anden to test on his brother Eden as the virus most likely came from him. Day fear for his brother's condition getting worse if he allows them to do testing again and so he refuses. Things are heating up as war might just start again if the Republic does not manage to give the antidote. This time, this war they will be losing for sure as there is a powerful ally assisting the Colonies

Champion by Marie Lu is the last book of the trilogy. When I finished the book, there were tears which were both sad and happy. I absolutely loved the ending with no complains here. Like the first two books the writing style is the same where alternating chapters between the male and female lead retains. In this book, there is also much growth to the characters. I love the female lead the most as she is so smart, strong, and always being able to make good decisions. 

The plots were good along with the twists. I would say that Marie Lu's writing is fairly good with how the storyline goes. It's definitely well written with very good timing for the events that happens. Again this book is good movie material as I'm always picturing it like that. The character emotions are so real and capturing. I feel that it's the characters that make the book more interesting because of their actions. Overall this is a very good series which captured me very well. All the books were page turners with much action in it and good emotions too. The female lead really captured my heart and I love her much. I highly recommend this series for dystopian book lovers as well as people who love action. This is now my favourite young adult dystopian compared to The Hunger Games and Divergent. 

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