Friday, February 7, 2014


Victor and Eli are roommates in college and they both study in the medical line. This year they are in a class that needed them to work on their own thesis. Victor chose on a topic about adrenaline and Eli being ambitious decide upon discovering more about EOs (ExtraOrdinary).  Victor was slightly jealous that Eli would go for a topic like that. He was also not happy that Eli was dating the girl that he had his eye on. In order to make people realize Eli's true nature, Victor encouraged him to try the theory that he came up with.

In order to be EOs one must first die and then come back to life to obtain it. Victor went first but failed and then provoked Eli to do the same as well. Eli did succeed which made Victor mad inside and giving it a second go. Victor did succeed but things got really bad. Ten years later, Victor broke out of jail with an accomplice and begins to seek Eli for revenge. 

Vicious by V.E Schwab is a fantasy book and a very unique one for me. I was blown away from the start till the end and I loved every part of it. The story is about the dark and evil nature that humans can become when given power.  The characters totally made the story fantastic as their personalities gives life to the plots. The main characters are bad people and I love that the author does much background for them. I love to read about characters which covers their past and present where it gives you more grasp on their personality. They are certainly very unique and even their powers are unique. 

The concept of the story is really fresh and new not like a typical fantasy book at all. It's not a complicated world/future in the book but definitely with complicated characters which are quite realistic in behavior. I love how the author arranged the chapters which makes all the plots really smooth and suspenseful at the same time. I could not help but keep reading the book wanting more of the story. It's hard for me to put my feelings into words but to generalize I felt hungry for more from this writer and wished that this could be a series instead. I'm definitely gonna keep my eyes open for this author's works. This book is fast pace, unique filled with realistic behaviors of human. If this is your cup of tea then you won't disappointed and it's the type of book that can be reread many times.

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