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The USA has been divided into two countries where the east and west are at war. Day is a wanted criminal of the Republic because of multiple destructions he has done. Sadly, the republic does not know how he really looks like and so the JumboTrons just display all the information it had on Day. Every week when the police comes to do inspection on whether a household has been infected with the plague, Day will be there watching his family from afar. Things was not well when his house was being marked but it was a different one but still the whole family was quarantined.

The only way that Day could help his family is to break in to the hospital to steal cures for his little brother that was infected. Things went really bad and he had to hurt a captain in patrol where he barely got away. June was up to mischief in university and her brother was upset that she was causing trouble. He picked her up and sent her home to go to work. Unfortunately, it was her brother that was hurt by Day and Metias was found dead. June was escorted to see her brother's body by request of Metias's commander. When she reached the scene, Commander Jameson told her to look at the scene and find out more information. She also made June graduate early to be an agent to track Day down.

Legend by Marie Lu is the first book of the trilogy and it's definitely a great start to it. The story is unique and after reading the author's small biography at the back of the book you can understand where some of the influences come from. The characters are really strong characters which makes reading about them exciting. The female protagonist is such a strong person yet she has a soft side too. Both characters are similar but different and their background really influences their decisions.

The book is written in the two main character's perspective alternating chapters. I love this type of writing as we get to know what both people are thinking for different plots of the story. Readers also get different perspectives when certain things are happening in the story. The story from start to end was really exciting, I felt like I was watching a movie. The plots were smooth, slowly reaching climax and with some twists too. I couldn't stop reading, this book is such a page turner. I'm so amazed that for a debut book it's so good which makes me get excited for the second book. To compare it with other books of the same genre, I think this is quite good and overtakes divergent and hunger games' place in my heart. I highly recommend this to dystopian genres lovers. 

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