Thursday, February 27, 2014


June helped Day escape his death sentence but John (Day's brother) was executed instead as replacement. Both of them travel to Vegas after the Patriots to seek for their help in locating Day's younger brother. Vegas is military based city and they had to use signals to draw them out. Kaede showed up and brought them to meet the leader. The leader agreed to help heal Day's leg and find his brother in one condition which was June and Day would have to help assassinate the new Elector Primo.

June was suppose to be a wanted person for assisting the escape of Day but because the Elector Primo Anden favors her, they are seeking for her. The Patriots were to send June to be captured so that she could gain Anden's confidence again and she would be the one who lead him to his death. June was apprehended by Commander Jameson's patrol and then brought to Denver. She was not treated badly like a criminal and was given an apartment as her prison. June starts to feel something is not right and she plans to warn Anden but how can she signal Day of her plan.

Prodigy by Marie Lu is the second book of the Legend trilogy where June managed to help Day escape his death execution day. I have to say that the story gets better as there are more twists again. I love how the characters would have to act base on their beliefs and how the female lead always manage to make good decisions. She is one strong person and I really admire her skills for almost everything yet she does have a weak side. The male lead have many struggles and that in turn made him grow but I still see him as someone weaker than the female lead. Given the circumstances of the male lead, he certainly have the right personalities portrayed in the book. The character developments for the book is just marvelous and I enjoyed reading how characters react and change.

The plots of the book is fantastic for me as I felt yet again as though I'm watching a movie. The writer's style of writing is something that I love with each chapter being perspectives of the male and female lead alternating. The story has many twists and turns, emotions involved and that made it a great book for me. The stories were very smooth and it really climax at the best timing. I loved every part of this book and it was flawless for me. I am so looking forward to the ending. This series have taken over first place of my dystopian favorite. I highly recommend for those who love Divergent and The hunger games series, especially people who love actions, military and conspiracy theory.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The USA has been divided into two countries where the east and west are at war. Day is a wanted criminal of the Republic because of multiple destructions he has done. Sadly, the republic does not know how he really looks like and so the JumboTrons just display all the information it had on Day. Every week when the police comes to do inspection on whether a household has been infected with the plague, Day will be there watching his family from afar. Things was not well when his house was being marked but it was a different one but still the whole family was quarantined.

The only way that Day could help his family is to break in to the hospital to steal cures for his little brother that was infected. Things went really bad and he had to hurt a captain in patrol where he barely got away. June was up to mischief in university and her brother was upset that she was causing trouble. He picked her up and sent her home to go to work. Unfortunately, it was her brother that was hurt by Day and Metias was found dead. June was escorted to see her brother's body by request of Metias's commander. When she reached the scene, Commander Jameson told her to look at the scene and find out more information. She also made June graduate early to be an agent to track Day down.

Legend by Marie Lu is the first book of the trilogy and it's definitely a great start to it. The story is unique and after reading the author's small biography at the back of the book you can understand where some of the influences come from. The characters are really strong characters which makes reading about them exciting. The female protagonist is such a strong person yet she has a soft side too. Both characters are similar but different and their background really influences their decisions.

The book is written in the two main character's perspective alternating chapters. I love this type of writing as we get to know what both people are thinking for different plots of the story. Readers also get different perspectives when certain things are happening in the story. The story from start to end was really exciting, I felt like I was watching a movie. The plots were smooth, slowly reaching climax and with some twists too. I couldn't stop reading, this book is such a page turner. I'm so amazed that for a debut book it's so good which makes me get excited for the second book. To compare it with other books of the same genre, I think this is quite good and overtakes divergent and hunger games' place in my heart. I highly recommend this to dystopian genres lovers. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Black Heart

Cassel solved his brother's murder and at the same time manage to cut a deal for his other brother to join the government as an agent. Cassel himself will also be joining them when he finishes his high school. At the of book two, Lila has formally joined her father and made markings that shows she is part of the mob. Even though he has not join as an agent yet, once a week Cassel receive training from his brother. Today they are following Lila and she handed cash to another fellow.

Cassel and Barron followed that guy and waited at a diner across the street. Baron stepped out awhile to make a phone call and Cassel caught the guy in action killing someone. He decided to chase after him and ended up in an alley. Cassel confronted the guy and knocked the gun out of his hand but still lost him as the murderer jumped over the fence. When the feds came to where he was, he quickly hid the gun and details about Lila ordering the hit.

Another thing that troubles Cassel is that his mother was no where to be found since her act of con was exposed by the victim. She is now a wanted criminal by the feds. Lila called Cassel to meet with her and she drove him to her father's place. His mother has gotten herself in another pinch where years ago she tricked Lila's father and stole his gem. Now Cassel have to find the gem as the one his mother has is fake or else her life will be taken. Cassel is working against time to find the gem and also secretly as he can't let the feds know of his situation.

Black Heart by Holly Black is the final book to the curse workers trilogy. I really love the ending for this book and to the series. All the plots and twist in the book is just unexpected and wonderful. The main character is a indeed a smart guy pulling a con that you would have not thought of. The many turns of events in the book is truly exciting which grasp your attention well. Out of the trilogy this is my favorite book as there is more action and lots of emotions from the characters.The relationships for the characters in this book is well portrayed and it really makes you feel for them because of their situations that is so messed up. There is much character development for everyone in the book.

The writing is just as good as the other two books with smooth plots that slowly builds up tension for you and then the climax just gets you unexpectedly. Holly Black can really write a good fantasy that is not of the norm paired with  much human emotions and behaviors. I also love that she included an element that is not used much which is cons. This book is so well written that I believe there are no flaws and I wouldn't change anything at all. A fantastic trilogy to read and it definitely satisfies readers who love books on con and fantasy. I highly recommend the series as Holly Black's writing is quite enchanting and capturing.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Victor and Eli are roommates in college and they both study in the medical line. This year they are in a class that needed them to work on their own thesis. Victor chose on a topic about adrenaline and Eli being ambitious decide upon discovering more about EOs (ExtraOrdinary).  Victor was slightly jealous that Eli would go for a topic like that. He was also not happy that Eli was dating the girl that he had his eye on. In order to make people realize Eli's true nature, Victor encouraged him to try the theory that he came up with.

In order to be EOs one must first die and then come back to life to obtain it. Victor went first but failed and then provoked Eli to do the same as well. Eli did succeed which made Victor mad inside and giving it a second go. Victor did succeed but things got really bad. Ten years later, Victor broke out of jail with an accomplice and begins to seek Eli for revenge. 

Vicious by V.E Schwab is a fantasy book and a very unique one for me. I was blown away from the start till the end and I loved every part of it. The story is about the dark and evil nature that humans can become when given power.  The characters totally made the story fantastic as their personalities gives life to the plots. The main characters are bad people and I love that the author does much background for them. I love to read about characters which covers their past and present where it gives you more grasp on their personality. They are certainly very unique and even their powers are unique. 

The concept of the story is really fresh and new not like a typical fantasy book at all. It's not a complicated world/future in the book but definitely with complicated characters which are quite realistic in behavior. I love how the author arranged the chapters which makes all the plots really smooth and suspenseful at the same time. I could not help but keep reading the book wanting more of the story. It's hard for me to put my feelings into words but to generalize I felt hungry for more from this writer and wished that this could be a series instead. I'm definitely gonna keep my eyes open for this author's works. This book is fast pace, unique filled with realistic behaviors of human. If this is your cup of tea then you won't disappointed and it's the type of book that can be reread many times.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Red Glove

Cassel's mother was released from jail in the previous book and then use her touch on Lila to make her love him. Cassel was devastated with it and so he avoided Lila the whole summer. He followed his mother to Atlantic City where he helped her run cons and they lived in a 5 star hotel without paying a cent. It was a crazy summer and his mother asked for one last scam before he returned to school. Cassel was to snatch her handbag in front of their target (loves to save damsels) will help his mother. While he did what his mother asked, he injured himself in the process but his mother was able to use her curse on the target.

Cassel's mother was really happy and she wanted to celebrate with the son until there was a ring at their hotel room. It was the target and he recognize Cassel very well and their scam failed. His mother was very upset on the drive back home where he complained about her and resulted in Cassel being slapped. Cassel was dropped off at school and the term was about to start.

Later, he was shocked that Lila enrolled into his school to be with him even though she was cursed. Lila told him that it was hard for her to stay away from him. Things were not going well for Cassel as he was whisked away on the first day by FBI agents to find out that his eldest brother Philip was murdered. The agents insisted that Cassel investigate and find the killer by threatening him. At his brother's funeral, Lila and her father attended where Lila's father tries to recruit him to help the mob. Cassel does not want to join either side and so he has to work out a way to save himself.

Red Glove by Holly Black is the second book to the curse worker trilogy and it continues after Cassel found out that he is a transformation worker which is one of the rarest. Though the ending of the first book seems quite conclusive but the second book was wonderfully written with a new adventure. The side characters for the first book gets more development in this book and I really enjoyed that. Of course, our main character is also growing up. I also love the relationships in the book which is quite realistic because of the situations faced and behaviors of the characters.

I love that this book's story challenges our main character and he reacts really well to it. The plots again are surprising, exciting and very smooth. This book really captured my attention from start till end. Every action and plan has a purpose which is fruitful to the plots. This author can write a story that pretty much has no flaws at all. The second book also contains con elements in it and much human behaviors along with morals. It's a book that is smart as the main character can really think well. If you love the first book, this book is just as good. It has a really good con and I believe it is a book worth reading. 
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