Thursday, January 23, 2014


Lincoln has completed another degree and is back at home living with his mother. He got a job as an IT guy in a newspaper company. He has nothing much to do except to man the help desk at night and also send warnings to employees whose emails have been flagged. The company uses a program to scan through employee emails and Lincoln's job is to read those flagged emails to verify whether the employee has violated the company email policy.

It was quite lonely working at night as he was the only person there. There were two ladies in the company who uses the email for personal conversations which was flagged. Since the things they discussed were not harmful and Lincoln was kind he decided not to send them any warnings. Every time Beth and Jennifer's email was flagged he reads about their life and soon he was really interested in what was happening. He was looking forward to reading them and tried to be subtle about it but it was really his job to read those flagged emails anyway. Slowly, Lincoln had realized that he had fallen in love with one of them and it would be hard to tell someone you have never met before that you love them. If Lincoln were to tell the truth what would happen and will he have a chance with her?

Attachments  by Rainbow Rowell is a book about a guy and two ladies. It's not a triangle love instead it's about a guy reading on some bits and pieces of two ladies lives' where he slowly falls in love with one of them. I absolutely love this story as it's funny, sweet, adorable and many more good feelings involved. The writing style is simple and lovely just like her other books. The plots are smooth and funny much of the time.

I usually love writing style like these where the stories are unfolded in emails conversations. I first read books like this from Meg Cabot and I loved it. It just shows that even though those mails are short conversations, a lot can be conveyed in a story. Just by reading a chain of the mail, you get to know a bit of the person's personality, their life and moods. It's an odd love story but also romantic at the same time. The character's personality slowly shows from the story line and it was fun knowing people from another person's point of view.

The author did good for her first published book and it's fantastic. This book was just such a wonderful read where it leaves you feeling happy. It's one of the books that kept my attention and I finished it in two days (actually read a bit the first day but I read about 300+ pages the following day). This book just makes my heart feels jittery and excited for the male lead and the person he fell in love with. If you like a simple love story that has some funny in it then this is your book. I'm so gonna reread this book next year and I'm super excited for the author's next book Landline.

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