Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 New Year Resolutions

New Year, new goals and it's been like this for some time now. I know some goals might not be achieved but I like to set it and at least try. There's always goals that are repeated for me as I failed the previous year. Every year I strive to be better than last and I believe there isn't anyone who would want to do any worse actually. As a yearly ritual, I sat down and thought carefully about those goals which took me sometime hence I'm posting this slightly late. Better late than never, so here are my resolutions for 2014:

  • Read 50 books this year (hopefully 1 book per week)
  • No buying makeup ban (at least until I finish 50% of the collections I have)
  • Eat healthily (no fast food unless no choice)
  • Exercise once a week
  • Blog more beside book reviews
  • Follow my schedules more often (be better at planning)
  • No more excuses in laziness (work harder towards my dream)
  • Grow more as person (do not judge people, do not care what other people think too much, always be humble, don't be stubborn)
  • Really think carefully before I speak
  • Don't let emotions get in the way (controlling my temper)
This year I have more goals and I decided to share some personal goals as well. The last three resolutions in the list is a constant struggle for me as a person because I believe there are no limitations to a person's good personality. Over the years since college till today, I have always been one emotional person that affects my life dearly and also the people around me. When I'm emotional it affects the decisions I make, the actions I take and especially the words that I say to people. I really hope that this year I will work harder on those resolutions as it matters more than the ones before it. With a positive attitude and a great personality, I believe I can complete other resolutions even better. I wish everyone a good year ahead and always remember that being happy and a better person beats all wealth and materials things in life. Also to mention the video below is a good inspiration on resolutions to have:

Thank you Bubzbeauty for inspiring to be a better person.

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