Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Sum of All Kisses

Lord Hugh Prentice made a mistake three years ago and it was a costly mistake. This mistake cost him to unable to walk properly, it was a mistake that affected many people. Lady Sarah Pleinsworth hates Hugh because he ruined her relatives which made her life hell and she did not get to d├ębut on her first year. That season 14 couples got married and she missed the chance. She hate him because of that and also that her cousin was exiled from the country to hide from Hugh's father as he wanted to kill him for causing his son to be crippled.

It was Honoria's wedding weekend and Hugh was invited to the wedding to show society that her brother Daniel and Hugh have resolved their problems. One of the cousins of Honoria and Sarah was to sit at the head  table but he fell ill so Honoria asked Hugh to replace him and his partner is Sarah. Sarah was not pleased that she had to sit there with him but it was better than with Cousin Arthur. Honoria also asked for a favour from Sarah to accompany and make Hugh were welcomed this weekend. Sarah is best at chatting with people and making them feel welcomed so the task was hers to do. Sarah hates him and Hugh just can't understand women like her but they're forced to be each other's company for the wedding weekend.

The Sum of all Kisses by Julia Quinn is the third book of the Smythe-Smith quartet. At the start of this book, it dwells quite a bit on the past to explain some things that are significant to the characters. I find the story a bit slow at the beginning  and midway but the pace quickens nearing the end of the book. I feel that I know the hero quite well but the heroine on the other hand I do not know her well enough. I feel that the heroine did not get enough emphasis on her personality at all.

This book is not romantic enough and I feel that more could happen between the characters before they fall in love with each other. I would love if more events and incidents for the couple happened in the book. The conversations were good and the involvement of the other characters from the previous books were good too. The book was only okay for me because it did not feel that it made the same impression as the previous two books in the quartet series. I absolutely love the other characters of the first two books but these two characters was just fine for me. I doubt I would reread this book as it did not have the all the romantic and funniness that matched the author's usual writing. I'm sad to say I was slightly disappointed because I usually have a lot of fun reading Julia Quinn's books.

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