Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola is a person who never dresses the same thing twice and everyday she would be in a different outfit. That's her personality and it's the special thing about her. Lola currently has a boyfriend called Max who is 22 years old making him 5 year older. Her parents (who are gay partners) can't really accept him and to have a good watch over them, Max is invited to have Sunday brunch every week. When they both go out, Lola have to often call to check in with her parents.

It was a usual Sunday where her parents often questions Max's decision in not going to college at brunch. Max is the lead singer of his rock band and Lola met him in a club where she was allowed to go for the first time. He approached her after his performance and asked for her number. After a few dates and finding out that Lola was really young (which Max didn't mind) they manage to start dating.

Lola kept bugging to leave that morning and was told to bring her dog for a walk while her parents chat with Max. So Lola took her dog for a walk and she saw that new neighbors were moving in. Lola was feeling nervous and she glanced to hope that "the family" is not back. After her walk, she fussed to leave for her date soon and grabbed all the plates on the table to clear it. She looked out the window and manage to peek at the neighbor which was who she feared Calliope Bell and all the plates were smashed by her shock.

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins is just as wonderful as her first book. The author's series is the type where characters from the first book has a slight involvement but ultimately it's a new love story. This book picks off in the timeline where Anna and St Clair has left Paris and studying in college this year but they are not the main, it's Anna's coworker that is the main heroine. I love how simple this story is again with a plot that is smooth and the pace is just perfect.

The personalities of the characters dictate how they response to events happening in their lives. I love that these characters like the first book is just as real a person in reality. The young love that is depicted in the story is fantastically real and it is often how teenagers would have reacted. This book is just a joy to read because the events happening to the characters are so surprising and lovely. I enjoyed the feelings that I've gotten from reading the book which reminds me of my teenage years but I only had one sided love though. A definite page turner that kept me glued to the pages. I loved the ending and because it met my expectations well. When I'm in for a innocent, young and simple love story I will reread this book for sure.

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