Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keeping up with dreams

I haven't been writing a post like this for a long time because I wasn't sure I should put my thoughts and feelings into words. For most of this year I have been trying to chase my dreams slowly but surely and at one point which was some months ago I thought of giving up as I couldn't see much results in it. I told myself that I'm working hard and I did but after reviewing myself I know that it's not enough.

I don't only have one dream and hence I have too many things to work on and thus I easily get distracted. I think I can multi task and handle more than one thing but it's easy to lose focus too. Even being a person who is persistence it isn't enough, you must really want it so bad, work so hard that even if you're tired you don't feel it. Reading is like that to me, even when I'm tired I still wanted to read and this passion is something that lasted longest in me. 

Blogging is also a passion but I'm reluctant to write about personal things here. When it comes to reviewing I sometimes feel that I'm not qualified enough to do so and I worry much about view of others. I know all these are setbacks and excuses to just give up but I do have a small glimmer of hope and so I continue to blog when I feel like it. When I know I have to do something I always have the negative thought of it first before thinking of the positive effect. I look at the bad side of things before the brighter side and this is a major hold and myself committing to my dreams.

When those things came that I do some self reflecting I'm quite saddened by the result as I'm clearly far from my dreams and achieving something I should have been able to. The person holding me back is myself and since it was so clear it still is not enough. I know it is time to act more and think less because all those thoughts will just come rushing in and clouding up my passion and enthusiasm. After writing this, I feel a slight relieve that I am able to admit to the world I didn't work hard enough and that's why I am not where I thought I would be now. So end of my emotional episode, less thinking more working. I hope whoever who has many dreams and you really want it, don't think too much but work on it. Use the energy as efficient as you can and slowly but surely you will be there.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Clockwork Prince

Tessa and Jem traveled to Westminster Abbey as there was a meeting there with the council. Jem was showing Tessa something and then they stumble upon Will at that time and all three headed to the amphitheater. Charlotte, Henry and Jessamine was already there and they entered late. Tessa could see that the Lightwoods were there and also some other shadowhunters who had came for a meeting before the de Quincey ambush. At the center of the meeting was Consul Wayland and the Inquisitor as well. Charlotte explained the whole situation about Mortmain on what happened with the de Quincey raid to the institute being attacked.

Benedict said that Charlotte was not fit to run the institute since she could not see that there was a spy under their roof which was Tessa's brother and easily allowed Mortmain to attack. Benedict Lightwood challenged for her position and was supported by 3 more shadowhunters. In order to make matters fair, Consul Wayland gave the task of finding Mortmain within 2 weeks for Charlotte. If she could not prove herself then she would lose her place in the institute. Since Charlotte will be busy searching for Mortmain, Benedict offered his two sons to train Sophie and Tessa to be combat ready. Charlotte was upset with Consul Wayland's decision but she had no other choice. They all went back to the institute and began to investigate everything about Mortmain and why he hated the shadowhunters.

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare  is the second book to the infernal devices trilogy. It continues where the first book has left off which was Mortmain escaping and also killing two servants of the London Institute when he attacked. I love how the story continues smoothly from the first to second book and the plots are just wonderful. There are so many beautiful scenes and dialogues that I love and some humor here and there too. I was amazed by the first book and this book really tops it and made the story even better than it was.

I have to say that this book covers it's mysteries really well leaving no room for flaws in the story. From the start till the end the characters draw me in and I could not help feeling the same as they do. I really really love the main characters of the book because their personality, actions and emotions are just so real. There is just so much happening to a person that it's so acceptable that those people are reacting the way they do. The author did not just wholly focus on the main characters but also gave many of the side characters room to grow and change. The interactions of all the characters and how they grow is what makes this book so interesting besides the plot of course.

I honestly get really excited when there are plots about relationships and I couldn't stop reading and just wanted more of it.  The climax and the ending of this book was fantastic and I know I can expect good things from the final book. A fantastic page turner and the author manage to keep us readers on our toes about the mystery that the shadowhunters have yet to unlock. If you have read the first book then no doubt you should pick up the second. This book will not let you down and I'm so excited that I picked up this series after the whole trilogy is completed so I don't need to wait for the third book. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Star Wars : Tiny Death Star

I could not help myself when I saw this game being announced and the Darth Vader song immediately filled my head. It's the most recognizable tune for Star Wars series whenever Darth Vader appears. Anyway back to the game, I have always like tiny tower as it was a game that reminded me how much fun I had with Sim Towers when I was younger. When I saw this game I thought it was just Tiny Tower that looked different which was with Star Wars theme.

The concept is the same where you build your tower and make money from it but in this case you are building the death star. The subjects are working in your death star to help you earn money to win wars in the empire battles. Some things that are a clear different from tiny tower is that when you send a visitor to the designated floor not only do they pay you, they also deduct one minute in your restocking time or building time. There are also missions given out by the emperor and if you manage to fulfilled it you will be rewarded.

Like tiny tower there are colours to represent the type of floor you are building and the only difference is that red color is no longer creative floor but an imperial floor which is built under the first floor onward. The imperial floors are where the activity of the bad guys happen. I see this game as a promotion for Star Wars since there aren't many in the generation Y would know about Star Wars.

Clockwork Angel

Tessa was aboard a ship heading to London from New York. Her aunt Harriet passed away not long ago and her brother sent her a ticket to live with him in London. Since her brother was the only family she had left, hence she packed up her stuff and got on the boat. Once arrived she was escorted by a man she did not know and then forced into a carriage where there were two weirdly dressed ladies. For a long time Tessa was trapped inside a house and threatened to learn a kill she did not understand.

Everyday the same maid Miranda would come to escort her and if she refused to go meet with the Dark Sisters she was dragged there. They gave her objects and asked her to change and if she could not perform she would be punished. Often her brother's life was mentioned to threaten her. Tessa has manage to change for a few days and the Dark sisters were very pleased with it. They told her that it is time to meet the magister and he would be really happy with Tessa. Tessa was to dress up prettily and meet with the magister but she refused to. On her way back to her room, she asked Miranda who was the magister and why she needed to dress up. Miranda told Tessa that it would be Tessa's honor to  marry the magister. Tessa was very upset to hear the news and so she attacked Miranda and tried to escape the house.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare is set in the 1800s where our heroine was locked up in a place and forced to learn something that she doesn't want to and then her hero came to save her. I really love this book!!! This book was unexpected, full of adventure and filled with fantastic characters. I especially love the characters and I want to learn more about them. The plot is so exciting and there were many chapters that caught me by surprise and kept me hooked. I always have a thing for settings in 1800s with the location being London. This book was set in those times with shadowhunters, downworlders and demons altogether it really was a story that I never dreamed of.

If I compared it with the first 3 books of the Mortal Instruments series, this book is exceeding those. For me, the characters are really more superior in their attitudes and personalities compared to Mortal Instruments'. The fighting was not too much action and or too hard to imagine. The descriptions of places was wonderful even thought it's not a entirely real London. It's a good page turner and it is now one of my favorite young adult books. The ending of the book was just really good for me where my heart was squealing and I couldn't wait to start reading the next book. I'm kinda out of words to continue my review, just know that this book is at the top of my favorite. I'm so excited to read the second book and I'm hoping for many unpredictable things to happen. I highly recommend this book to people who loves stories that are in the young adult fantasy genre.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Bride wore size 12

Heather Wells had one more month to go before her wedding day and today she had an appointment with the wedding planner. At her office where she works it was crowded with parents because they wanted to request for a residence hall transfer. Fisher Hall is now the cool place to live instead of the old nickname of Death Dorm because there was a very important residence who just moved in. This VIR had four spaces assigned to him on the fifteen floor and since he is the crown prince of Qalif, there was also extra security set-up by the state department on the second floor and extra cameras were installed. In the front of the queue was a Mrs Harris here to request a room change for her daughter. As claimed by Mrs Harris the roommate is a slut because she did not spend many nights in the room. Mrs Harris also claimed that her daughter did not like it and would like to have a room change.

Heather was telling Mrs Harris that her daughter was to fill in the request form herself and then a bunch of young people came in with the prince.  Kaleigh which was the daughter said she loved her room very much and did not need a change. The prince invited the girls for lunch and then Kaleigh said that they tried to wake her roommate Ameera. They shook Ameera hard and there was no response from her. Heather was worried that there'll be a dead student before the semester even started. She called for the RA in duty but could not get her either so she asked Sarah to go to fourteen floor to check on the student and the RA Jasmine. After not long, Sarah called Heather while crying saying that Ameera was okay where she was just hungover but Jasmine was dead.

The Bride wore size 12 by Meg Cabot is the finale to the Heather Well series. I love this ending for the series because it doesn't seem like an ending but only the beginning of the character's new life. The writing as usual is funny and witty without losing it's main theme of the book. I love that it's a simple mystery book which focuses on our heroine's curiosity and love for solving mysteries. Towards the end of the book, I love that the author brought in a character which was from her other series for just a bit.

The flow of the plots were really good, never revealing too much which made the climax good as I couldn't predict what was to happen. I love that a book can be so simple and thin but yet unpredictable for me. It was definitely a page turner for me being a fan of Meg Cabot and Heather Wells hence I manage to finish the book quite quickly. If I want some murder mystery and humor in it, I'll definitely read this series again. I rarely get disappointed by Meg Cabot so I highly recommend this series to pick up.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pocket Harvest

After many many months Kairosoft have finally released an English version of Pocket Harvest. I was truly waiting for earnestly for this game and when it was out I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. When I first run the game I was already kinda disappointed with the song. A little about my kairosoft games obsession, I can tell every games's theme song, I don't need to look and you just start the game I can tell you what game it is. That's how much I love their games and this song was a bit disappointing.  

Never mind about the song then where I was hoping the game play is good. So the game starts where you plant crops and make money from harvesting it. Then you start saving up to purchase land that are nearby you. When you enough to use, the land you purchase will have a shop there. Those shop specializes in certain crops and you can plant those crops in the vicinity of the shop which is highlighted when you select the shop. Something fun about those shops is that they give out missions and when you manage to harvest the amount wanted by the shop you will be rewarded. Other things you can do in the game is to upgrade your crops to make them have better rankings. There is also the option of investment where you unlock more buildings and also visitors to the farm.

The reason to upgrade the crops is to take part in contests and ensure that you have better chance to win. Winning gives you items which helps your crops, farm and your employees which can up their stats. You can also create special items to sell in your shops but before that you will have to unlock the Lab that extract things from the crops as ingredients. You can also use those ingredients to create items instead of getting them as rewards. 

Overall there can be many things to do in the game but it's very repetitive because you have to keep upgrading crops, leveling up employee stats and such.  I don't particularly love this game because it's nothing new at all hence I think this game is not really worth the money at all. I was really looking forward to a new idea in Kairosoft but I was disappointed. Below are some pictures of the game, hope it gives you some insight.

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