Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass

Both Mortal Instruments have already landed in Valentine's hand and the last one which is the mirror is well known to be in Idris. The Clave does not know the whereabouts of the last one but they fear that Valentine will come attack the city. All shadowhunters were called back to Idris to have meetings to discuss dealing with Valentine. A lady named Madeleine had approached Clary telling her that a warlock named Ragnor Fell would have the antidote to wake her mother up. But the warlock would only meet Clary and he is in Idris hence Clary is going to Idris with the Lightwoods.

Clary was excited and anxious to go to Idris because she have not seen the place and another thing would be meeting a warlock to convince him to save her mother. Jace was not fond of the idea that Clary would be going. They were suppose to go at night time but Simon was called the institute in the evening by Jace. Jace told Simon that he did not want the Clave to know about Clary's abilities so he requested that Simon lied to the Lightwoods that Clary wouldn't be going to Idris with them.

Simon was pissed at the idea and telling off Jace when suddenly there was a lot of smoke coming from where Magnus Bane and the Lightwoods were at. Jace raced over to find that they were under attack by a lot of Forsaken. Magnus opened the portal abruptly and urged them to go across quickly. Simon was curious at what was happening and he was knocked out in the fight which gave Jace no choice but to drag him into the portal. Clary then later arrived with Luke knowing that she was left behind. She was really sad and upset because she needed to go to save her mother. She found out that Madeleine was killed and there would be no one who could meet with Ragnor Fell but her alone. With her steele Clary worked on a rune that will make a portal to let her travel to Idris and without permission she is not allowed to enter Alicante. Luke caught on to Clary while she used the portal because it was dangerous and he had to protect her. While in the portal, Clary's grip broke off from Luke and she found herself drowning at the end of the portal.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare is the third book of the series and it's kinda like the ending for this arc of the story. The reason why I think it's considered an ending to the arc because the ending was a good one without any suspense or cliff hangers. As it is stated in Wikipedia, the first three books is the first cycle while the fourth to sixth book is the second cycle of the series.  This book gives the whole story a proper ending also covering some pasts that I think most readers were curious about. 

I had really high expectations for the book and I was really impressed. The first two books was good but this one is just great. All the plots weave together wonderfully and it was a smooth story till the end. It was amazing that the characters continue to grow and mature. I think the two characters that I love the most is Jace and Simon because they have matured much especially Simon. Along all three books Simon has been a character that went through the most changes and adapted in situations perfectly. As for Clary I would have to say she has grown too but still a bit of a damsel in distress in her. The actions and plots are written very well and I love imagining all the fight scenes in my head.

There is a slight dissatisfaction towards the end of the book where I believe a certain important event could have more emphasis. It felt like some parts are left out and I would have prefer more elaboration on it. But those parts can be also ignored because it's not the highlight of the event.  To summarize, I love this series and I hope that the movie will do it justice and not disappoint me like Twilight movie did.  I have the fourth book and I have no idea what will it be about since the ending was not a cliff hanger. I definitely have high expectations on the books that Cassandra Clare writes. The probability of me picking up the books again would be to refresh my memory before the movies. When I'm yearning some young adult fantasy adventure I would definitely reread the series.

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