Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes

 Maryse Lightwood was back at the Institute in New York and she questioned Jace whether he knew that Valentine was his father. Jace was considered to be Valentine's Arrow and was being suspected. Maryse did not quite trust Jace and decided it was best for him to leave the institute. Clary loved Jace not the way brothers and sisters would have and Jace felt the same way. Because they can't be together Clary started dating her best friend Simon. Clary was hanging out with Simon and she got a phone call from Isabelle informing her that Jace was missing.

Jace was upset and he had no where to go so he went to The Hunter's Moon bar where lycanthropes  hang out. Jace was acting like a jerk in the bar which cause a fight to happen and it was stopped by Luke before more harm could happen. When all the fuss was happening, a young werewolf was attacked where his throat was cut. The werewolf was asking Jace to save but he was still in a bad mood and wanted more trouble by being arrogant. Luke called Clary to come talk to Jace to find out what was wrong with him. Clary arrived with Simon and then talked to Jace with Luke while Simon waited.

Jace asked for help from Luke and Clary to talk to Maryse so that he could stay at the institute because he had no where else to go. They all went to the institute and it was a long time since Maryse have seen Luke. After some talk it was known that the Inquisitor would be visiting and interviewing Jace and in order to protect him, Maryse thought that it would be better that he wasn't around to be interrogated. Jace said that he had nothing to be afraid of and he would stay so that the truth would be known instead of being doubted. That night the Inquisitor arrived and met with Jace in the library. Many questions were asked and Jace answered with an attitude. The inquisitor did not like Jace's behavior and decided to put him in jail which was located inside the city of bones so that he will learn his place.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare is the second book of the series where Clary's new changed life begins. After knowing that Jace is her brother, there is sort of an awkward and uneasy feeling between them. Simon also confessed his feelings for her which then turn the relationship into a dating one. After reading the first book, I have greater expectations for the second and I'm impressed by it.

I thought the new characters introduced were quite fitting to the plots. It was also wonderful to read about the changes that occur to the characters because of dire situations. There are traits that stay strong and steady which make those characters so lovable as well. As always the flow of the book is good where you have a steady pace and then climaxing towards the end of the book where I can barely put the book down. I also love the action parts of the book because it comes at right timing and the description is well written. It's definitely a page turner for me and I truly enjoy this second book and I am looking forward to their adventures in the third book.

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