Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Tana woke up in the bathtub at her friend Lance's party and she wondered what happened when she was in there. She went out to the kitchen to get coffee and all was quiet in the house. It was odd but she figured everyone else was sleeping. While she went for the coffee pot there was a hand in the living room with the fingers stretched out.  She noticed that the hand was oddly pale and decided to take a look in the living room.

Once she passed the threshold to the living, she tried hard not to scream. The carpet was stiff with dried blood and there were dozens of bodies lying in odd angles. People she knew since kindergarten were all dead and some of them were piled up. Tana got dizzy from the scene and sat on the floor where she noticed one of the windows were left open. She thinks that a vampire must have came in from the window and attacked everyone. She quickly went to the guest room to get her stuff so she could leave with her car. Once in the guest room, she noticed Aidan her ex-boyfriend was tied to the bed and his mouth was taped over with duct tape. For a long moment all she could do was stare and then next to the bed there was another boy gagged and chained up. He looked up at her and those eyes were bright as rubies.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black is a story about a teen girl who wanted badly to not have anything to do with vampires. Sadly for her  it's an unavoidable and she seems to be heading to a place with more of them there. This is my first time reading this author and I think I'm in love with her writing. The plotting of the book is good and not easily predictable. I was surprised by many of the plots and it was so exciting to read through the book because you'll  never know what to expect. I particularly love the starting of the book because it's where you'll be thinking what's this book all the about and where you can't figure out what's next. I also love the ending very much because it's the type where you get to imagine your epilogue.

The characters of the book is quite unique and the heroine is not a damsel in distress which I absolutely love. The male lead of the book is dark and haunting which has an interesting past is quite refreshing for the story as he is not acting as a savior of the female lead but a good partner for her story. This book is not entirely about love but more about the deeper and darker sides of human. A part of some people who either will embrace it, hide it or detest it and try to deny all they can about their true self. This is what I love about the characters because they're not typical humans or vampires and their actions in the story is just refreshing. 

Maybe I didn't read enough paranormal type books to make comparison but it's a good vampire story. Of the other books I read that revolves around vampire which are Twilight and Meg Cabot's Insatiable and Overbite, I think I am able to put this as my second favorite where Meg Cabot's ones are first. Since this book is in the young adult category and Meg Cabot's is in adult, I guess this book makes it my favorite for young adult then. I'm looking forward to reading more of Holly Black's writing and I'm going to pick up her Curse Workers trilogy. I highly recommend this to readers who love vampire stories.

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