Friday, September 6, 2013


The sirens decided to stay as per Penn's decision as she finds Daniel to be an interesting person. Since Daniel is immune to the siren song, Penn wanted to find out the reason. Gemma needed to protect the people she loves and so she used the siren song on Alex telling him not to love her. Gemma was really sad about breaking up with Alex and so she moped around too much in the house. Her sister told her to get out and relax which she took the advice and joined the play. 

Thea was also joined the play to pass her time in town . Daniel was also hired to work on the set and also to keep an eye on Gemma upon Harper's request. Everyday Gemma will go to play rehearsal and try not to worry so much about her impending doom. She needed to break the curse and so she asked Thea but failed to gather anything useful because the sirens are also clueless on that matter. Time is running out because Gemma knows that Penn is finding a replacement for her slot. 

Tidal by Amanda Hocking  is the third book in the Watersong series. We were left off at the sirens deciding to stick in town because of Penn's interest in Daniel. I quite enjoyed this book more than the previous two because I thought the other books was a bit slow paced. This book was much much better where I get to read about the sirens. It's just wonderful that there are more development in the sirens' story and also relationship in the book.

I kept on reading because I wanted to know what's going to happen next as there is much plot that cannot be predicted here. In terms of writing, I see no difference in terms of conversations, grammar and words that are use. Amanda is definitely a good writer because she builds up the series slowly from book one to two and then book three is a good climax. This book definitely holds my interest and makes me look forward to the last book. I think with her style of writing I cannot predict how plots will unravel slowly towards an ending. 

I highly recommend spending time to understand the titles of each chapter because it helps you imagine what that chapter could be. This book is worth the money and the time spent. Because this book is good, I changed my mind about it being just an ordinary fantasy story. In previous reviews, I have compared book one and two to the Trylle series and found that those two did not meet my expectations. I'm glad that this book meet my expectations and is on par with her previous trilogy. I already have the forth book in my hand and I shall end this review and carry on with my reading. 

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