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Gemma managed to escape death from Lexi because Penn killed Lexi for harming Daniel. Liv who was suppose to be Gemma's replacement is now Lexi's. In a way Gemma gets to live longer but she knows that Penn will find another replacement soon. Daniel was going to execute his agreement with Penn and since he was injured that will have to be postponed. Thea came to see Gemma after the fight and handed her the scroll that Gemma was looking for. Thea said that Gemma can try to break the curse and this is the only help she could give her.

The new siren Liv was Harper's roomate until she freaked out and attacked Harper. Harper got out of it and wondered what was wrong because she doesn't know that Liv is a siren. Liv left the dorms and college to stay with Penn and Thea because they needed to babysit her. Since she had became a siren, Liv had manage to kill and eat 3 person which left Penn and Thea cleaning up the bodies because Liv did not know how to. Since getting the scroll, Gemma had tried to get help from Lydia to translate it and tried using items to destroy it. Sadly most things did not work to tear the parchment up. Harper also went to meet a professor in her college for help to translate the scroll and it seems that it's hard to pinpoint what language it was in.

Time is running out and everyone who knew about the sirens worked to help break the curse and translate the scroll. The only reaction that Gemma got was when the scroll was poured on with salt water, the writing will glow in crimson but only for a moment.

Elegy by Amanda Hocking is the final book to the Watersong quartet series. Somehow when you're at the last book, you could kinda feel what the ending would be like and you can get just the general idea of it. I anticipated a grand ending for the series or at least more action packed in this book. I was slightly disappointed because it did not meet my expectations. As the story continues, there are some parts that I thought would have needed more emphasis.

My thoughts are that certain characters needed more background and story to them and also being more involved in the story. The story will be more fantastic if those parts can be covered because it seems like a flaw to the story. Another thing that I feel that gives out too much is the summary behind the book. It tells a bit too much in my opinion but in a way there is something to anticipate. For me the summary gave me an outlook of the story but then disappoints me when the book reached that part.

Overall the series was just okay to me because it revolves around one thing only. That one thing has been talked about in four books and to me because there weren't much of other elements besides the main key to the story it made it just an okay book. The drive of the whole story is basically how the characters reacted to the situation/problem and the villains seem to not know what's happening behind their backs. My last thoughts after finishing the book was I think I wouldn't  miss out if I have not read the series. The third book was the best for me out of the four and the rest was just mediocre. I hope that the author will come out with better stories because her debut trilogy The Trylle series is still the best to me.


  1. I did a review on the quartet as well and I gotta agree with u. The Trylle series is still the best! =)

    1. Yay!! I thought I was being mean to the writer but am glad you felt the same.

  2. This blog is very much informative. Thanks for share


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