Monday, July 1, 2013


Gemma had to run off with the sirens to keep her sister and boyfriend safe from harm. Harper was not happy that this situation had risen and so she tried to find ways that she could locate her sister and bring her back. Alex was extremely worried so he also started searching in any way that he could help. Alex managed to research and discover stories about the sirens and he shared it with Harper. At least for now they know what Gemma and the other girls are but they need to know how to change Gemma back or how to defeat the sirens.

Currently Gemma is feeling really sick every day due to the watersong calling to her endlessly. She couldn't eat normal food, she looked really bad, felt dizzy and sweated most of the time. She did not want to listen to the other sirens and go for a swim in the sea and enjoy her new life. The sirens have managed to enchant a guy named Sawyer into letting them stay at his house which was by the beach. Gemma did not agree in what they were doing hence she did not join them in song to enchant him and it took a lot to control the urge to sing with the rest. Gemma's health was turning terrible and her hair was starting to fall off which made Penn  furious at her resistance to swim and so she dragged her into the sea. After a swim, Gemma felt more energetic and alive, she even looked better now.

Penn warned her about her behavior and asked her to follow her instructions because they do not want her dead. If Gemma dies, the other sirens will be affected and if they can't find a replacement they will die too. Penn also mentioned sooner or later Gemma would have to feed on humans which make Gemma felt sick to her stomach. Gemma accepted that she had no where to go and she would have to live with the sirens for a very long time, so she decided to just try to get along with them.

Lullaby by Amanda Hocking is the second book in the quartet where the story continues about Gemma and Harper. I have to say that this book was also a bit slow paced for me seeing that it was a thin book but the story is becoming more interesting then the previous. In this book, some questions you had about the sirens will be answered but some of the mystery remains. As for characters development, we get to know a little more about the villains and side characters. In the case of the heroines, because things in life changed they try to adapt but not totally changing their personalities.

I wished the story climaxed earlier and hoped that it was page turner but sadly it wasn't. Usually a thin book that has 200+ pages will take me few days but this book took weeks because it wasn't that capturing for me.  I ended up not reading much in June because this book was my current read. The reread value for this book is definitely zero for me but the Trylle series is still fantastic for me.  I will still read the other two books left in the quartet because I want to know how the story ends. My advice is if you're new to the writer, it's okay to give her another chance because it's not a totally boring series just not awesome enough for me.

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