Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor is new to the neighborhood, with family troubles, red messy hair, and clothes that mismatch all the time. When she started school, she takes the bus to avoid being driven by her stepdad. Her first day on the bus was a disaster because there was no place to sit as everyone moved their things to the empty space. The bus driver was urging her to sit before he can start driving and then nearest to her was Park's empty seat and so she sat there everyday.

Park likes to be invisible and ignore the people in the bus which made him wear his headphones and blasted music on the bus. When Eleanor came onto the bus, he saw she was in distress and hope she didn't sit next to him. Unfortunately, she had no where else to sit and he swore the moment she sat down. Everyday she sat next to him with six inches apart in the middle. Park noticed that she was always looking at his way and realize that she was reading his comic books. Feeling bad for how he acted when she sat down last time, some times he turned his pages slowly for her to read but they never talked. 

Park decided that he needed to talk to her because it seemed unfriendly to treat her the way he did. He decided to borrow her comics and hence he left them on her bus seat and Eleanor would take it home to read every day. Slowly they started talking and discuss about comics, music and sorts and then they fall in love. 

Eleanor & Park  by Rainbow Rowell  is about two teenagers who fell in love for the first time. We are on this journey with them discovering new feelings and experiences. This book can be said to be a historical romance since the timeline is 1986 which was the 80's where I was only 1 year old. This book is quite enjoyable as you read it, you would be thinking of your first love as well as other firsts. There are many emotions that I can relate to in this book and the experiences are just a joy to read about. 

This book is simple, realistic and a bit funny. I love how two different people can be together sharing their love for same things. I love how this book addresses teenager behaviors. It's certainly fun to read about love in a different time. Even though the time setting is different but I feel that there are many first loves that are similar so if you don't know about the 80's it's still a fine book. The plot of the book is good which kept me reading non stop as I did not expect what's to come and what will happen to the lovers.  I would also like to add that this book addresses some issues that are happening in real life and no matter the timeline or generation some things never stop as a problem. Whenever you're in a difficult situation in school there will be times that it's hard to tell other people and also hard to solve the problem but do not lose hope and strive on. This is certainly a book that I will read some time again to reminiscence about the past. 

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