Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor is new to the neighborhood, with family troubles, red messy hair, and clothes that mismatch all the time. When she started school, she takes the bus to avoid being driven by her stepdad. Her first day on the bus was a disaster because there was no place to sit as everyone moved their things to the empty space. The bus driver was urging her to sit before he can start driving and then nearest to her was Park's empty seat and so she sat there everyday.

Park likes to be invisible and ignore the people in the bus which made him wear his headphones and blasted music on the bus. When Eleanor came onto the bus, he saw she was in distress and hope she didn't sit next to him. Unfortunately, she had no where else to sit and he swore the moment she sat down. Everyday she sat next to him with six inches apart in the middle. Park noticed that she was always looking at his way and realize that she was reading his comic books. Feeling bad for how he acted when she sat down last time, some times he turned his pages slowly for her to read but they never talked. 

Park decided that he needed to talk to her because it seemed unfriendly to treat her the way he did. He decided to borrow her comics and hence he left them on her bus seat and Eleanor would take it home to read every day. Slowly they started talking and discuss about comics, music and sorts and then they fall in love. 

Eleanor & Park  by Rainbow Rowell  is about two teenagers who fell in love for the first time. We are on this journey with them discovering new feelings and experiences. This book can be said to be a historical romance since the timeline is 1986 which was the 80's where I was only 1 year old. This book is quite enjoyable as you read it, you would be thinking of your first love as well as other firsts. There are many emotions that I can relate to in this book and the experiences are just a joy to read about. 

This book is simple, realistic and a bit funny. I love how two different people can be together sharing their love for same things. I love how this book addresses teenager behaviors. It's certainly fun to read about love in a different time. Even though the time setting is different but I feel that there are many first loves that are similar so if you don't know about the 80's it's still a fine book. The plot of the book is good which kept me reading non stop as I did not expect what's to come and what will happen to the lovers.  I would also like to add that this book addresses some issues that are happening in real life and no matter the timeline or generation some things never stop as a problem. Whenever you're in a difficult situation in school there will be times that it's hard to tell other people and also hard to solve the problem but do not lose hope and strive on. This is certainly a book that I will read some time again to reminiscence about the past. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Tale of Time City

Vivian Smith and many other children from London was being evacuated into the countryside because of the war. She was going to live with Cousin Marty until it was safe to go home. Once the train had arrived at the platform, a tall person took her suitcase and escorted Vivian around the station. She followed him because he took her suitcase. She had no idea how cousin Marty look like so she assume this must be him. She followed him into the Waiting Room of the station and then something weird happened where she was crowding with the person in a telephone booth. 

Once everything seemed clearer, she found she was in an office and there was a small boy waiting. The small boy said happily "You got her" and Vivian know something strange is happening. The taller boy slowly stripped off his costume and he had pigtails, his name is Jonathan. The smaller boy had red hair and his shoelace was undone is Sam. Apparently Vivian is the time lady and they kidnapped her to save Time City which was where Vivian is currently at. They both asked her about her husband Faber John who is the founder of the city and where to find to him. Vivian told them the truth that she has no husband and she does know who Faber John is. It seems that Jonathan and Sam have kidnapped the wrong Vivian Smith because she is not the time lady. They both are in big trouble because they have broken many laws by time travelling and also bringing a person from history into the city.

A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones is about a city that is about to crumble and three children doing something in order to save the city and history. This book has an excellent story because the plots are quite surprising. It's isn't about how the characters grow but it's about their adventure and how they act on each incident. It's quite straight forward who these characters are but there are some who are unexpected. The description of the city is detail and if you have a good imagination it's a beautiful and weird place at the same time.  

The author truly made this story real and true to the behaviors of human. Although stories regarding time travel is tedious but don't think too much into it and just enjoy the plot. I have to say that the time travelling does indeed impact those places but because of certain factors it happened without any flaws. I have always loved this author's books and this one is another added to my favorites. Even though this book is intended for young adults but I feel any age would love this book. If I wanted an adventure that had time travelling and a unique city this book is definitely a good one. I would read this book again because it's just a wonderful adventure. I also forgot to mention that this book is funny too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pocket League Story 2: Overview

Pocket League Story 2 is the latest English game from Kairosoft that is available in Google Play and the best's FREE!!!!!! I have to admit that it's been a long time that I'm stuck playing Pocket Stables and Ninja Village which made this new game such an excitement for me. Even though you're not a football fan, fear not I'm not but I manage to understand this game easily. Like the first game you train your team, get them to play in matches against other teams and also take part in leagues.  

What's so exciting about this games is there are many new things introduced into the game and those elements made the game more realistic. There are more strategizing to do in the game, more thinking and planning to build the best team to win the game. Because of the new features I think the game just gotten more interesting. I'm still at the beginning of the game hence I can only list the new features that I come across so far. One thing that I can say that stays the same are some of the player names are reused but their role might vary. This game is a mash up of some concepts from Dream House Days and Beastie Bay. Firstly you can add friends whereby you'll be able to hire them as one of your players. The next thing is for every 10 minutes you play without counting in menus, you'll get a coin. This coin is a crucial item just like the one in Beastie Bay because it can purchase better items. 

The things that are introduced to make the game more realistic is that all players have stamina bars in matches and it affects their fatigueness. The important thing about it is when the player runs out of stamina in a match, he/she will be injured and it takes months to recover which affects their performance. Another new thing is the players playing in a match might commit a foul which results to yellow/red cards and we all know red card means the player is out. Time out is also introduced in matches where you can use it to change formations. 

Your players now have skill slots where they learn specified skills and you equipped it for them to perform better. Items can also be used to boost the player's stats. In this game you have scout level which influences the player you can hire, the higher the level the better the candidate. Selecting matches are different now that the outlook has a map like sort of look. There are also bonus requirements to obtain besides beating a certain match against a team. When these requirements are met, you will get extra rewards besides the winning prize. This allows you the reason the beat those teams over and over again to complete those requirements. What I love the most is the interface of the game is much improved and everything looks so much better compared to the previous game. Lastly, when you start the game you get to customize your character which will be the captain of the team. There will be 30 points to spend on the stats and also the role of the player. 

Overall there is much learning to do in the game which makes the game more worth to be replayed many times over. We the gamers will have to take note of managing resources in terms of the money, coin, tech points and also heart points so that we can get the best team. If one method does not work, play until the end and start a new game so that some of the stats will be carried over. I've been really addicted with this game and I think I will need to play it 2-3 times more the get a rough idea and then I'll be able to post some tips. Get the game here from Google Play store. One final note, I'm in no way affiliated with Kairosoft company, I just love their games and want to share the joy. Below will be pictures on how the game looks like.

Outlook of a match

Stats of a candidate to be hired

Mapping of the matches that will slowly be reveal when certain conditions are  fulfilled
Experience obtain after a match

Income earned after a match
Process of hiring player

Using items on players

The whole album can be found here because I took many screenshots: Pocket League Story 2 album

Monday, July 1, 2013


Gemma had to run off with the sirens to keep her sister and boyfriend safe from harm. Harper was not happy that this situation had risen and so she tried to find ways that she could locate her sister and bring her back. Alex was extremely worried so he also started searching in any way that he could help. Alex managed to research and discover stories about the sirens and he shared it with Harper. At least for now they know what Gemma and the other girls are but they need to know how to change Gemma back or how to defeat the sirens.

Currently Gemma is feeling really sick every day due to the watersong calling to her endlessly. She couldn't eat normal food, she looked really bad, felt dizzy and sweated most of the time. She did not want to listen to the other sirens and go for a swim in the sea and enjoy her new life. The sirens have managed to enchant a guy named Sawyer into letting them stay at his house which was by the beach. Gemma did not agree in what they were doing hence she did not join them in song to enchant him and it took a lot to control the urge to sing with the rest. Gemma's health was turning terrible and her hair was starting to fall off which made Penn  furious at her resistance to swim and so she dragged her into the sea. After a swim, Gemma felt more energetic and alive, she even looked better now.

Penn warned her about her behavior and asked her to follow her instructions because they do not want her dead. If Gemma dies, the other sirens will be affected and if they can't find a replacement they will die too. Penn also mentioned sooner or later Gemma would have to feed on humans which make Gemma felt sick to her stomach. Gemma accepted that she had no where to go and she would have to live with the sirens for a very long time, so she decided to just try to get along with them.

Lullaby by Amanda Hocking is the second book in the quartet where the story continues about Gemma and Harper. I have to say that this book was also a bit slow paced for me seeing that it was a thin book but the story is becoming more interesting then the previous. In this book, some questions you had about the sirens will be answered but some of the mystery remains. As for characters development, we get to know a little more about the villains and side characters. In the case of the heroines, because things in life changed they try to adapt but not totally changing their personalities.

I wished the story climaxed earlier and hoped that it was page turner but sadly it wasn't. Usually a thin book that has 200+ pages will take me few days but this book took weeks because it wasn't that capturing for me.  I ended up not reading much in June because this book was my current read. The reread value for this book is definitely zero for me but the Trylle series is still fantastic for me.  I will still read the other two books left in the quartet because I want to know how the story ends. My advice is if you're new to the writer, it's okay to give her another chance because it's not a totally boring series just not awesome enough for me.
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