Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To Catch An Heiress

Caroline lost both her parents at a very young age and so she moved from guardian to guardian since those people passed away too. In her years of living with those guardians, she was never treated right, forced to do chores and living in small rooms. Caroline was going to turn 21 where she will obtain her inheritance and then she can leave the latest guardian Oliver Prewitt. One night Oliver was out for card games and it was odd that all the servants was given the night off. There was a gun shot and Caroline had to protect herself from being raped by Oliver's son. The plan was to force her to marry him so that her fortune will be his. 

Caroline had no choice but to leave the household and so she packed her valuables went out at night. Unfortunately for her, she had to hide for 6 weeks with only 50 pounds and she had no idea where to go to. In the midst for her escape, she was tackled by a gentleman and was kidnapped for mistaken identity. Blake Ravenscroft was stalking the house and when he saw a woman leave he was sure it was Charlotta De Leon, spy for the enemy of the country. Caroline did not know how to explain herself but she was glad that she was taken away since she did not know where to go. 

To Catch an Heiress by Julia Quinn  is about a girl trying to escape her terrible guardian and then being mistaken as another person by a gentleman. This is not the most hilarious book from the author but nonetheless it was still funny. In terms of how in depth you know the characters, I feel it's just their surface level, nothing too deep was written in. It would be more interesting if the readers could know a bit more about their past.

This book was just an okay book for me and it did not grab my attention like the Bridgerton series. I took some time to read it because I wasn't super excited about this book. But because I'm a fan of the author I will definitely read all her books and this book is a new one to my collection. It's up to her usual standards of historical romance but the characters are not super interesting. I wouldn't recommend a person who would want to try historical romance pick this up because there are better ones. I read this as a fan and a collector of Julia Quinn. Sadly it's not a book that I will read twice.

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