Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Gemma loves swimming and she works hard at her practice all the time. Whenever she has the chance she would sneak to the bay and swim at night, it's the time where she can fully enjoy her swimming. Lately, there have been teenagers disappearing and Gemma's father gave her a curfew to not be home later than 11pm. She would sneak her way to swim and return home before the curfew. Other than people missing, there were 4 girls who people assumed as tourists around town that time. When Gemma swims in the bay, she could see 3 of them partying at the cove and it was weird that one of them were missing. These girls Penn, Thea and Lexi were beautiful and most men like to look at them when they walk pass but people in town did not know why there are there and what they are doing around.

One night when Gemma was swimming at the bay, the girls invited her to join them and she couldn't resist since there was a pull to them that she could not explain. They gave her something to drink and then she was knocked out. The next day, Harper (Gemma's older sister) realized  that Gemma had not come home last night and so she rushed to the bay to look for her and along the way she got Daniel's help. They found Gemma lying around and brought her home. Gemma could not recalled what happened that made her unconscious and woke up with bruises and scratches. But Gemma felt something weird was going on with her, she felt that somehow something changed within her.

Wake by Amanda Hocking is about something weird happening to a girl which is supernatural. This book is a little slow in the progress to reaching the climax of the book. It was also easy in guessing what it was about. There was some mystery, romance to the storyline and just a small bit of funny there. For me this Watersong series is not as good at the Trylle series that this author previously wrote.  The characters were just okay for me and it's not like they are super interesting people to begin with. Trylle on the other hand had very interesting characters which is of course the main hero of the book itself. I felt that Gemma was just an ordinary girl who had normal dreams and acted like anyone of her age would have. The ending was also just okay and it is quite obvious what the second book would be about. This is just an average young adult story and I would recommend to treat it as light reading because it's not a thick book. Sadly, this is the type of book where because I got the first book I would read the rest of the quartet, which results to not a book that I would read again in the future. 

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