Thursday, May 2, 2013


Tris has managed to stop the simulation that were controlling the Dauntless faction but after what happened she could not go back because everything was in chaos. So Tris, Four, Marcus, Peter and Caleb went to seek refuge in the Amity faction home. Amity decided to be neutral and offered shelter to all factions as long as they follow the terms and help out in the community. But Tris know that things cannot be left that way without resolving the issue that Erudite had caused. 

Tris did not trust Marcus, so she followed him and discovered that he knew information that is important which was the cause of Erudite's attack on Abnegation. Marcus did not reveal what information he knew but it upset Tris because she found out that her parents wanted to protect that information and died for it. Tris could not stand the Amity because they were a happy faction and only wanted peace instead of helping the rest to stop Erudite. Tris and Four decided to leave the place to go back to the city to find out what's happening. Before they have a chance the Erudite came with a bunch of Dauntless traitors to search for them. They escaped safely and headed to Candor where they heard other Dauntless members were at. 

Insurgent by Veronica Roth is the second book to her trilogy of Tris Prior. The story continues where Tris has left her faction and she needs to figure out what to do next. I was impressed with the first book and this book was even better. I really love how the story continued and the excitement seems to be endless. I couldn't stop reading and I wished the book would not end. I just wanted more and unfortunately I will have to wait till October where the third book will be released. I loved how more characters are introduced into the plot and more development for the characters that were in the 1st book.

There are many secrets which are yet to be revealed and this is one of the perks I love from reading books. The twist at the end of the book was just the best part for me.  This is definitely one dystopian future that I love and to compare with The Hunger Games series, I really preferred this because the characters have much more to give and harder to anticipate. A book that is worth every penny and I would gladly read it again and again. Just one thing to take note of is the version that I bought contains some mistakes and if you really are reading the book and not breezing through it quickly, you'll notice the mistakes. But it's okay because the author has apologized that she had two drafts and mixed it up a little at certain sentences. So excited for the third book to come!

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