Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ninja Village : Overview

Every time Kairosoft comes out with a new game I'll definitely buy it and play it. While playing I often compare it with their other games and this game impressed me a lot. Ninja Village is Kairobotica meshing with Dungeon Village but the difference is the battle system and of course the story line. There are many things to manage in this game and lots of leveling and equipping your characters are involved. This is one game that you can play  many times trying out different tactics. You start with a small village then you slowly expand and earn money from selling your food or productions. Following on you will go to war with the Shogunate and help unite Japan. 

I have to say that this game requires much money management because everything revolves around it from leveling your heroes to equipping to researching new weapon, armors and products. The only thing you  need to manage is your money and there are no other type of points used to level or purchase things. There will be many different attempts that you might need to beat the enemy and to have more shogun forces money is spent again. There will be some battles that only requires your own heroes to fight at and that you will need to have a good tactic because of the different stats your heroes have. Below are the screen shots of my game and I'll stop talking about it here because I wouldn't want to spoil too much. Overall this is the best Kairosoft game I've played and it's worth every penny.

Size of the village when you just start

Raiding other district to expand

Arranging your troops to seize land

As usual Pumpkin products is here to sell you equipment

Yout villagers/heroes statistics

Equipment menu

Cost of training your villagers

Menu of the game

Whole district conquered

Shogunate comes to ask for help

Can't say no huh?

Researching new products to sell

"Funding" the shogunate and also researching new weapons

Clans that you have to battle to unite Japan

The war zone

You can recruit more people into your clan

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