Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Beatrice is sixteen years old and it is time for her to choose a faction. Before it the choosing ceremony, all the sixteen years old goes an aptitude test to help them determine their fate. Abnegation is where Beatrice is born in and somehow she has troubles becoming a selfless person but it is hard to leave her family behind and go into another faction. The motto of all factions is "Faction before blood" where your faction is your main importance. 

It was the day for the aptitude test and Beatrice is feeling nervous in what her results will be and what kind of future lies ahead of her. To her surprise the test results were inconclusive and the invigilator advised her to think properly which faction to choose because for Beatrice it is either Erudite, Abnegation or Dauntless. The next day was the choosing ceremony and Beatrice have not decided where she would join and her brother went before her in sequence. Her brother Caleb chose to join the Erudite which was too shocking to Beatrice and her family. It was her turn to choose and it was between Abnegation and Dauntless. Beatrice dripped her blood on the Dauntless which also shocked her father greatly. When the ceremony ended, Beatrice was to follow the other Dauntless and her new life starts here.

Divergent by Veronica Roth is about a teenage girl trying to find her place in the world and ultimately her choice will impact her future. This is a young adult book that is similar to Hunger Games in terms of the world setting where people are divided based on something. At first I was a bit bored by the story because it seemed to be just about the struggles of a young lady but slowly it was more and her struggles bring about an inspiration to me. When the story was nearing the end it was really exciting and the book captivated me. What I love about the stories is the other characters in the book because their past mostly remains a mystery. I love books who always have something to hide because then I will get to uncover and read about it while speculating on it myself. 

Tragedies do happen in the book and I hope in the second book I will know more of what I want to know now. This book is well written whereby I can't find any loopholes on parts of the society. The flow of the story is also well done, very smooth and the surprises come at unexpected places which is great. In terms of how the characters develop throughout the story I find that it is also good but I feel some characters need a bit a improvements. If I were to compare this book with Hunger Games, this book is better because the characters are much more interesting to me whereby in Hunger Games most characters end up dying. This is definitely a book worth your money if you're into young adult books and I do see myself reading back on this in the future.

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