Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ten Things I Love About You

Sebastian Grey has a hard time falling asleep at night even though he is very tired. Every time he closes his eyes he thinks back about his time as a soldier and so he just stays awake often gazing at sunrises. One day he was inspired by looking at the sky and so he took some quill and paper and started writing. Years passed by and Sebastian's secret was that he is the real writer of the Mrs Sarah Gorely's novels. The novels are very popular which earned him some money and since he did not inherit any title he had to make his own in the world. He loved to have breakfast at his cousin's home but today he was having a bad headache and so he just sat and listened to Edward gossip.Edward was just telling Sebastian that his uncle the Earl of Newbury is on the hunt for a new wife and his new target was nicknamed a fertility goddess. Edward said that when Sebastian saw her he would know it was her because of the nickname. Sebastian did not bother to learn more because of the pain and so he went on to get ready for a party that was being held that night.

Annabel is a girl from the country and her grandparents decided to bring her to London for the season to find her a good match. Her grandparents were close friends with the Earl of Newbury and because of his lands and titles it would be a good match for Annabel because it's far beyond her level. Annabel is confused of what she would do because her family did indeed needed funds to keep her brothers in school. 

Annabel was attending the same party and she was cornered by the Earl where she was felt up by him. She was terrified and fled the scene when she had the chance and went outside. While she was outside she sat down on a bench to clear her mind but a couple came out and she went to find a better hiding place where she bumped into a person who was lying on the ground.Sebastian was waiting for someone outside on a blanket and he did not expect a lady would trip over him. So he had a little chat with the lady and he could sense that she was hiding from someone so he tried to calm her down. 

Without knowing who each other was they had a good chat and in Annabel's head she was thinking that many of her dreams will be over once she is to marry the Earl of Newbury. Suddenly, Annabel asked Sebastian to kiss her because she wanted one last adventure before her life became a dull and so Sebastian did. He dared not do anything rash because he does not seduce a virgin lady and he just lightly brushed her lips. Annabel asked if that was all and then Sebastian kissed her again more intensely.  Annabel was curious and asked for his name and when she heard the name she knew it was the nephew of the Earl and she found an excuse to leave quickly. The next day Annabel took a walk in the park with her cousin Louisa and then bumped into Sebastian with Lady Olivia and she told her cousin not to mention her relations. Sebastian was surprised to see the lady he kissed last night and she was even more beautiful in the sunlight and he got curious in knowing her more.

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn is about a man whose uncle is so concerned about the inheritance that the uncle is looking for a wife to produce the next heir and that woman happens to be our hero's true love. Little did our hero that he would fall for the lady that his uncle wanted as his new bride. Sebastian is a handsome man but not a fantastic catch in London society because he had no titles. The plot of this book was easily predictable at some places and I would also say that compared to the previous two books, this love story was duller. You could say that it's less adventurous and kinda typical for a romance novel. Although the male lead has a secret it does not make him any more interesting and for the female character she just doesn't know what she wants at the start and I prefer strong women more than confused ones. There was not a lot of romantic things happening in the book. I'm sad to say that this is not a novel that I would read again because it was just ordinary.

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