Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Happens In London

When Olivia heard some gossip from her friend's that her new neighbor killed his fiance, she got curious. And so Olivia started to spy on him from her room window which has a view to his study place. Harry was getting annoyed that his neighbor was spying on him and it interrupted his work which is translating documents from the war office. On the fifth day, when Harry turned around and looked right at Olivia, she dropped to the ground quickly hoping that he did not see her. She was wrong and she was teased when they meet at the Smythe-Smith musicale which had an impromptu dancing. Harry took the first dance with Olivia and teased her as much as he could and declared that he didn't like her.

Harry didn't like Olivia and hoped not to see her again and by declaring it to her, he wished that it will stop her spying. Sadly the war office wanted to see Harry and they gave him an assignment to spy on a foreign prince who was suspected of plotting against England. This prince was interested in Olivia and thus the office also instructed him to watch over her. Olivia was invited to visit the prince and she did not like the idea of marrying into royalty and when she said she was going to meet the prince at the Mottram Ball, Harry decided that he will attend too. His motive was to watch and report and without realizing it he started to enjoy being in Olivia's company and so does Olivia.

What Happens in London by Julia Quinn is about two people who did not like each other at first but when they get to be friends, they felt more than that. What I love about this book is there was more story to the main male character than the female counterpart. It was great knowing a bit more history for him and I loved reading his reactions to situations. I loved his thinking, his jealousy towards other men pursuing his true love and also how he acted to show her his love. 

The plot of the story slowly thickens and I like how nearing the ending it was unpredictable. Even though the story is slow pace but the conversations and the events are just funny and lovely to read about. Sir Harry is definitely my kinda guy, not romantic but a man who is true to his feelings and someone who will not hide his feelings from a lady. If you ask me whether this was a good book, I'd said yes and I would read it again and again on the funny conversations that happened in the book.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dream House Days

Do you love playing the Sims but sometimes hate that you have to control their every move? If you let them be then your characters will do stupid things like not going to work. Fortunately for Android users, Kairosoft have released another free to play game on Google Play and it's a simulation game. I love that this game allows you to design homes without controlling your residents. Somethings you do have power over which is what clothes they wear and also what jobs they are doing.

I didn't know much about this game until my friends told me about it and once I got it installed then played it, it was love. I spent quite some hours getting to know the game and it's not as easy as you think it is. The tough part is giving the residents comfort yet not losing in terms of profit. It's hard to manage because I always did not manage to get everyone to pay the full rent all the time. The element of surprise in this game is the furnishing, the jobs and also the clothing available.  Not to forget that the trophies you win in the game also contributes to the end game points which is on year 20 of the game.

My first game was just lousy because I was just learning the game and many resources were needed to unlock furnishing. After you're done with it, there will be items sold in the Pumpkin store to help ease your following new game. The two things that I feel is needed is to unlock the fast speed which requires 50 tickets and the next would be transferring your data over to the new game. What the transfer of data will do is it will retain the level of the furnishing and also the level of a job when you make that purchase which cause 20 tickets. It is important because the job level determines the salary of your residents and the furnishing level determines the rent and comfort of that object.

Update: Dream House Days: Special RoomsDream House Days: Tips

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever

Miranda often have lessons with Olivia and her twin brother Winston thus making her spend lots of time with them. Olivia and Miranda became the best of friends and when the twins eleventh birthday was here Miranda was invited to the party. Many other children were invited and because of Olivia's parents' ranking in the society, many parents were excited to come pick up their children in order to have a chance to converse with  the Earl and Countess. Miranda's mother was visiting her own family in Scotland and her father is busy working on manuscript translations which left no one to come pick her up.

Miranda suggested a maid to escort her home but the Countess did not like the idea and then ordered her son Nigel to do it instead. Nigel is the twins' older brother and he escorted Miranda home on a horse while she sat on a mare. When Miranda called him Nigel he winced and then she asked why. He told her he a secret that his name is Turner and she may call him by that name instead of Nigel or my lord(because he has a viscount title). Miranda was feeling self conscious all the while and after being tease as ugly by Fiona Bennet she was unhappy. Turner tried to cheer her up by saying that one day she will grow into herself and she will be as beautiful as she is already smart and she should keep a journal to jot down the memory. One day when she read back she would save a smile for Turner for this day. Miranda went home and ask for a notebook for her father to start her journal and the first page she written "Today I fell in love". 

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn is about a girl who fell in love with a boy since she was ten and the boy was nineteen. The years went by and she still loved him when she turned twenty but is she able to get his love?  I picked up this book because I wanted to read more from this author and I was glad I did. I was only reading the prologue and it already got me hooked and I spent my night from 12 a.m. till 5 a.m. to finish the book. Long have I since felt this excited reading a book and neglected my sleeping for it. I love how the characters are and how they interact with each other. I especially love the plot of the whole novel which what keeps my attention. I'm impressed that the story was not predictable and I also love that after marriage is not the ending of a book but there's a little bit more to get that happy ever after.

I have to say besides the Bridgerton's this book is now one of my favorite following Brighter than the sun. This book was really interesting to me not because of the female character but the hero instead. His personality and struggles really made the story wonderful. After I finished the book, I read back some parts that I love and if given the time I'll read this book again when I run out of new books to read. It's worth every penny I spent on it for sure. If you like conversations where there is a lot of teasing then this is the book you'll enjoy which I did.
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