Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fifty Shades Darker

Sadly without looking at the book and flipping it's pages I couldn't recall what the second book was about. This just proves that it did not make any impression till I could remember like the first book. The only thing I could remember is unlocking more of Mr. Christian Grey's past. This will be the shortest book review I've written. The only thing interesting about this book is Christian's past and regarding Ana she just same old same old. I didn't feel much character development from her and also other characters in the book. I could finish the first book within days and this book took longer because it didn't grasp my attention well. The writing is still the same, there is a little bit of development in their relationships. The romantic behavior of Christian Grey is as usual and sometimes a bit too dreamy. 

I wouldn't read this book again and again because it's just too bland. Am I looking forward to the next book? It's just a little and there is no rush in starting the third book nor finishing it fast because this book let me down. The excitement from the first book did not continue here and I have little hope how great the next  and final one will be. I'm disappointed but I still read it because I gave it a chance and I bought the set already. If you bought the set then you should read it, if you have not then wait for discount or borrow the book to read, it's not really worth your money.

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